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  1. It’s weird but I’m glad we didn’t draw London Irish…

  2. Great question. Not sure I caught it watching?

  3. I think sarries need a break of playing in these big stadium, build the crowd at the stone x

  4. The bloody big screens are impossible to see from my seat.

  5. Did someone actually complain about the variety. There is about every cuisine under the sun.

  6. Let’s hope the real Alex Goode shows up and not the Alex Goode from last weekend 😂

  7. Would say we should beat them but we should have beaten Irish and Gloucester....

  8. We have really missed a wise old head in the team, like there is no brits, burger, Brad and Chris wyles We don't have a true captain that everyone can turn to in troubling times, we have too many co captain and no true leader. I havent been counting but I'm sure there has been at least 10 players that have been captain this season.

  9. Agreed, it would be great to see a big bastard lock added and maybe a cheap SA tighthead.

  10. thanks - is it working for you yet?

  11. Before bordeaux emerged with another team, in theory today's bordeaux is different. I'm being awkward here 😂

  12. Everyone is back fit for the 6 nations. sarries wont even get the chance to play them until mid march

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