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  1. I think eleven is going to die. Season 5 is the end and I don’t think the upside down can ever be destroyed with her still here. And really she doesn’t belong in this world, the military will never stop trying to kill her, she will never be able to have a normal life. I think Killing vecna and destroying the upside down will consume her.

  2. I've been following it because I'm seeing them on Wednesday and I'm barely excited anymore. They've only been doing 14 song sets and have cut some of my favorites since the tour started. Mind you the setlist isnt super strong to begin with. I'm so disappointed; RA has been my favorite band for many years and I've seen them many times, but it seems like they're on their way out.

  3. Unfortunately this seems to be happening in places that the average person doesn't see. Most people judge the state of things on how it effects them. For instance, I can't get a coffee before work because everywhere closes before 10pm and I work at 11pm; even places that were 24/7 prepandemic. So if I were a dumbass, I'd think that things are still pretty shitty. I'm still pissed that I can't get a coffee on my way to a graveyard shift, but I 100% blame Dunkin Donuts for not paying a wage worth working for instead of the people who don't apply because they couldn't afford living expenses on that wage.

  4. It was unquestionably worth full price. If you haven't played it and can get it on sale, you absolutely should.

  5. Maybe since it doesn't generate electric on its own it has to run to build up speed, and then cruises on the wheels with that momentum until it slows down and has to run some more. Kind of like a skateboard or something?

  6. There's no way Gamefreak cares enough to implement a physics system.

  7. Younger millennial here. I had all this. You know what I also have? Fucking terrible mental health stemming from the childhood trauma this parenting style results in.

  8. This whole thing came out of nowhere, but strangely right as I was finishing up the series for the first time since I read them as a teen. I'm so excited to see it come to life and I really do hope Disney gives it the treatment it deserves.

  9. Roran having no experience and doing nothing but win makes no sense, but strangely I'm there for it.

  10. I read them as they came out when I was a teenager and I've enjoyed them much more on my recent reread at 29. Paolini is at his best when he delves into the philosophical side of things and the logistics of waging a war.

  11. Of course he is. He's the only reason I have any interest in the show at all.

  12. Never got the appeal of the character personally. Then again I really don't care about most street level heroes aside from Hawkeye lol.

  13. I'm not big on street level heroes either. But Charlie Cox crushes the role and the Daredevil series is better quality than most of the MCU. That being said, I have very little faith in Disney to do the character justice the way Netflix did.

  14. Pretty sure the inconsistency with Gamora is a retcon.

  15. Everyone's here bitching one way or another about the treatment of Hulk and I'm just here going "Why does the CGI look like ass?!"

  16. Question 1: Others have been surprised or shocked because of my unpredictable actions.

  17. If it were true, you would know. When your behavior is "disruptive", there is always someone who makes it their personal goal to "rein you in", even if you're a child who is literally incapable of impulse control.

  18. Yeah but the answer defaults to "no" in my case because the only person I ever interact with in a non professional setting (since I mask constantly at work) is my wife. So either it doesn't apply or she's just used to it.

  19. I'm restricting myself to just the first book because honestly I don't have enough faith that Disney will be succeed with it enough to adapt the entire story.

  20. After the disaster that was 2X2, I'm done buying sealed product. Maybe the commander decks, but that's it. The EV just isn't there anymore. It's flat out gambling and I've lost hard on the last 3 boxes I've bought.

  21. Basically all the money is at mythic, but there are still enough bulk mythics to not matter. There are several rares that have come down in price that will prove to be good opens over time, but again, there's so much bulk that it doesn't matter. The majority of my box were bulk rares that were bulk before they got reprinted.

  22. The only solution is no job. I'm flat out unable to maintain a life that I find worth living while being forced to work to survive. I understand the need for it (to an extent), but I will never be happy as long as I have to work. So really the answer is just suffer until you die because it's not gonna get better.

  23. Based on what? I feel so old with the slang you kids use now and I'm not even 30 yet.

  24. Is this the star that didn't bother playing the game to prepare for the role?

  25. There wouldn’t be any reason Hagrid couldn’t spell because he went to Hogwarts for three years. Who couldn’t spell “Happy Birthday” at the age of thirteen.

  26. Can't help that they don't seem to teach spelling or grammar at school in the Wizarding World.

  27. You realize pop in happens in modern games too right? Hell, I'd never seen it so bad as I have in Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.

  28. I don't have a good answer for it, but I never understood why he was good at resisting the Imperius Curse, but was terrible at Occlumency (I'm sure I butchered the spelling). Snape said it takes a similar strength of mind, yet Harry always failed miserably at it.

  29. I don't like it. We're already getting Deadpool for that and it makes sense for him. Doesn't seem to make sense here.

  30. Finish the books. The characters are what really make the story great, but the movies didn't have enough time to give everyone their due and they did Ron and Ginny dirty. If you're only on the second book, just wait; the first two movies follow the books super closely, but after that they're mostly just the bare bones plot. Voldemort isn't exactly the best villain ever made, but the books do a better job of it at least.

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