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  1. Why don’t you just ask her? So many times DM’s struggle with things like this. All you have to do is tell her, “Hey for the plot I need your character to be fired or somehow no longer be employed to spur the adventure forward. How do you think that should happen?” Let her help you tell her story.

  2. I was getting my butt kicked repeatedly until I. watched a no hit runner video where he broke down the best way to beat Allant. He’s now easy for me. Not the poison cheese either. Basically you just always stay in line with him parallel to the long sides of the hall at a distance, bait his l lunge attack, dodge to his other side, always staying in line with him parallel to the hall’s long sides. Put some distance and he will usually go into his charged swirling storm attack. That’s when you charge in and whack him a couple times. Then you get away, rinse, repeat. Keep patient and don’t get greedy and he’s done for every time.

  3. A running count of how many times she’s killed you, followed by, “…Maybe next time.”

  4. They're definitely waiting just to surf on the popularity wave of Elden Ring

  5. Coming back to this after a year….. Doesn’t look like that’s the case anymore does it? We got a whole lotta no news. It’s like Sony/FromSoft don’t want to make easy money.

  6. “Edge of Tomorrow” should have gone with the book’s title: “All You Need Is Kill” or the tagline they used for the movie “Live. Die. Repeat.”

  7. I love that they don’t give a shit about fighting the boss and will just chill at some random spot in the arena while I get absolutely wrecked.

  8. Every time I’ve used her, the bosses make a beeline to her and I hear her scream of agony as she dies within a matter of seconds. It was a joke with Radagon. He didn’t pay attention to me at all, despite my hacking at him, until he’d killed dear Latenna. What a prick.

  9. I wish I’d had the foresight to take video captures of how many times I’ve punted this guy off the cliff. Would have made a fun compilation.

  10. And man do I love that axe, even though game mechanics wise it isn’t the best. It’s just fun to carry it around and chonk enemies with it.

  11. First, I have been trying Blasphemous Blade two handed, have it to +9

  12. Get a Claymore to +25 and hold it in the other hand. Powerstance with both.

  13. BB in R hand, Claymore in the left. Roast Radagon with BB. When EB shows up keep the swords the same and chop away using L1 jump attacks. No need to two hand one or the other. Use both for both fights.

  14. I kind of left the exact definition of “trust” open. For my part, I feel like I have slowly been watching the morphing of D&D into an online video game experience. It was clear to me that the new President, her background being in videogames and Amazon digital, was appointed because they want to make D&D more a subscription online experience with microtransactions. This would mean changing not only how the game is played but the rules of the game itself.

  15. I don't mind AI DMs. They're a company - making a shitty videogame service is just the sort of thing companies do. It's like getting mad over Neverwinter or that dumb mobile game.

  16. For sure. I just wish they’d given us detailed adventures and campaign settings instead of the cliff’a notes versions they’ve been giving us. Want to see a detailed setting? Check out Monte Cook’s Ptolus. It’s expensive yes, but dang they’ve almost got every dang street in that city described.

  17. “Arno” Londo. I’m picturing a place where all the statues, the golems, everything looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. When you die the enemies say in his voice “You’ll be back…”

  18. And the death sound isn't that moan but rather Arnold's grunt

  19. That…gives me anxiety. And because it’s a still image I can’t fix it…

  20. I'm convinced it was Ranni. Also think that Melina is Ranni as well, between the "burnt and bodiless" lines, my mother Marika, and the eye tattoo, it is too on the nose.

  21. Renalla is Ranni’s mother. Yes I know Radagon and Marika are the same entity, but Ranni would never call Marika her mother.

  22. If anything just tell him that dying is different in souls games, it’s part of the experience. If he can be okay with dying consistently then he’ll love it I’m sure, a lot of people just hold biases from other games when it comes to dying

  23. My attitude about it was that being able to come back to life is the Chosen Undead’s superpower. So when I die and revive I always banish my frustration by laughing evilly as my character rises. Then when I make my way back the thing that killed me, “That’s right! I’m back! You can’t kill me! I’m just gonna keep coming back again and again! You will never know peace!!”

  24. Great overview that also takes into account the subtleties of the people who consume TTRPG content. A lot of people saying this is just a hiccup and Hasbro/WotC will continue as normal and everything will be as it was. Not so. 4e debacle proved that.

  25. That's a false assumption. You base a lose of revenue on a vague "people get less exposure". They didn't make money from third party content anyway. I agree that it's morally a bad move but economically everybody forgets this drama, they backpaddle a little but not 100% and then it's business as usual. The assumption that people stop using a product was made many times and is proven time and time again to be wrong see EA stock.

  26. I’m sorry but you’re making the same false assumption that Wizards/Hasbro is making, that the consumers or community involved can be compared to videogamers. You mention EA. The difference is people can stop buying Hasbro products and continue to play D&D with their own content or content others share with them. If I want to play a specific video game that all my other friends play I have to play ball with EA. For D&D and other TTRPG groups, this is absolutely not the case.

  27. Radahn…All day. I would argue he’s the most iconic looking boss in Elden Ring. Those swords jutting out, that headdress, that poor poor horse. And how his silhouette and vibe looks with the backdrop in which you fight him. Radahn is the GOAT.

  28. I don't know that anyone has ever done a guide, but I had a similar question that I looked into a short while ago. So I can suggest some weapons for you to try, and see if any of them fit the bill of what you're looking for.

  29. Didn’t even know broadswords were a thing until I saw this. Time to go farm some misbegotten. Lol.

  30. Ah! I was getting it mixed up with the iron Greatsword for some reason.

  31. That’s really intolerant and ableist. Just because they are giant sentient hairy fingers in bad need of moisturizing cream doesn’t mean they can’t be good religious leaders. Educate yourself. ;)

  32. Okay you just reminded me of my parents lol 😅. When the PS1 first appeared in our country (I wasn't even born yet), my parents bought it and started playing Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. For starters, these games were tough, and what was tougher is that, believe it or not, they didn't know memory cards!! So everytime they died they restarted the whole game!

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