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  1. Jimmy also hurt his ass/back the same game Gianis did but literally no one mentions it. Heat get no respect from this sub lol.

  2. I'd bet money his ankle is still fucked from playing the Knicks. He's rarely sprinting and seems to be limiting how much he's running out there. Dollars to donuts he's playing hurt

  3. From my experience I would say about 40% of my train experience involves some sort of annoyance (someone playing music, or scamming people for money, littering etc) and about 10% would have some activity that would make me feel unsafe.

  4. are you actually unsafe or are you just scared of brown people tho

  5. It doesn’t cross the minds of many people who wind up with an infestation of BED BUGS, BEFORE they wind up with an infestation of BED BUGS. After they wind up with that menace, it crosses their minds A LOT.

  6. i mean if you have bed bugs on your clothes they're not going to magically disappear when you pile them up in the corner and change into pajamas

  7. Oni Type I Denim Jacket (ONI-01507NI) - 16.5oz Natural Indigo Denim - One Wash - size 42

  8. I was the literal first person on this sub to have a herro flair. I requested it the second he was drafted (needed a mod to make it since he wasn’t officially on the heat yet). I love herro. I don’t think we’re better without him but I think we’ve shown we’re nearly just as good without him and his trade value is at an all time high currently. He should be moved for a PF

  9. I’d normally be skeptical of a number like this, but the number of hipster 20 somethings who I have seen jump the turn style or skip the thing on the bus (I’m sure only a tiny portion got paid the fair on sbs routes) in Manhattan makes me believe it more. And I’m not even talking high school. Like 25 year olds on the way out to the bars.

  10. When you slow it down you can see that the guy is not running across the street, he turns and is running in the lane. It looks like there were two guys crossing, the rider sees them and is breaking hard and the runners would have easily gotten out of the way but the second guy just turns and runs in the exact path of the rider who could not swerve because he was on the front brakes hard.

  11. why is this a vertical screen recording of a horizontal video when it could've just been the horizontal video uploaded directly with the correct aspect ratio

  12. thats Singlish, basically Singaporean accent. Since its a multicultural country, its a mix of slangs and sometimes pronunciations from languages like chinese, chinese dialects(cantonese & Hokkien), malay, hindi, tamil as well as obvious unique made up slang

  13. Looks like combo of Virginia creeper and poison ivy. I recommend not touching them

  14. Yeah i was going to say, sure looks like poison ivy to me.

  15. If someone can name me a good replacement for Randle I’m all ears I just don’t know who that guys is so I’m not gonna be like everyone is “Get him off the team no matter what”

  16. would be cool if we could express this thought sans the unnecessary misogyny

  17. The Obi Toppin pick was the poorest use of asset. We needed to go either a 3 and D wing like Vassell or a lead guard (at the time before we got Brunson) in Haliburton. We used a premium asset to draft a player that isn't as polish and plays the same position as our best player. Also you should know your own personel, your head coach loves to play heavy minutes to guys he likes.

  18. no one knew Randle was going to have a break out year. Hell, maybe drafting Obi gave Randle the fire to get his shit together. For their first move in a rebuild I get picking a home town kid who can dunk. Even if he sucks maybe he can sell some jerseys until the team is competitive again. Instead the Knicks had a break out year in large part thanks to Randle making a massive leap in his playing level. Cant blame Leon for not anticipating that

  19. That's a 4.5oz Gibraltar glass. The sharp angle at the bottom causes the liquid to turn around and flow upward on the opposite side you pour into. The trick is to fill it up a bit more and pour your art gently.

  20. tried 3 pours this morning before giving up. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Usually better than this, but I do tend to get this weird current/blob on the top left part of the mug when I pour and idk how to fix it.

  21. It's hard for me to put into words but your technique is wrong. Pour slower, dont tilt/level the glass the way you do (keep it the same angle or keep it level, don't move it)

  22. confused by the tilting comment. every latte art video I've ever watched said tilting is necessary?

  23. tried 3 pours this morning before giving up. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Usually better than this, but I do tend to get this weird current/blob on the top left part of the mug when I pour and idk how to fix it.

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