News from Swerventine

  1. Brt axles are made to be removed. Look up a tutorial on yt and just put locktight on it.

  2. Good luck to everyone on the GPS this morning 🫡 these are gas. I love my pair and recommend going .5 down.

  3. .5 down is a good idea. TTS has too much room.

  4. Anyone get an email confirmation from Patta yet?

  5. Couldn't wait. Wore mine several times already.

  6. Really nice bottom ply. Did that FF sticker come with the deck? I've ordered decks and wheels recently and they didn't come with that sticker.

  7. I've gotten some decks with issues and even wheels from Flatface. But in the end their customer service is great and my issues always get resolved.

  8. Got EA to something at 2am. While I was asleep.

  9. I feel you man. Working from home, I can really only bring out the heat for appointments or on weekends. Lol

  10. Exactly! At this point, I wear heat wherever I go.

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