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  1. Nah, he was a drug dealer not a snacks dealer.

  2. Wait, I'm confused. I thought Rob did the crack and Doug brought the snacks? Did I mix it up?

  3. Doug and Randy Ford, brothers of Rob "The Crack Smoking Mayor" Ford were both well known drug dealers well before Doug became Premier.

  4. The insurance fee is $25, that seems entirely reasonable and the city could keep that, I know they allow you to use your own insurance for certain kinds of events as well. It's the $29.86 booking fee ($97.90 for large groups) that I think the city could eliminate, perhaps replace it with a refundable deposit or something to make sure people keep the firepits in good condition.

  5. Or support your city's parks. Toronto already has some of the lowest property taxes in the country because they have decided to collect the money to fund the city through other means such as land transfer fees (which is clearly not working based on the chronic underfunding of everything). Use a service, pay for the service. I did think a higher amount of that went to the insurance but regardless use the service pay for the service. That or you will lose the service.

  6. I see it like a bench, we don't charge to use public benches. They're a public good for everyone to use, I wouldn't have an issue with raising property taxes to pay for eliminating user fees at parks for things like firepits, picnic areas, etc but I know that wouldn't fly with a lot of homeowners. That said, you're 100% right about the city's property taxes.

  7. It's also not a city bench and therefore requires different attention and fees. A fire pit is going to require replacement much more often than a bench. Also many benches in parks are there from donations. So someone did pay for that bench. The city is just doing that but it's a fire pit for a group of people that historically was mistreated by the government to use in a religious ceremony.

  8. Lol. All the canned food stockpiling MFers were the first ones clamoring to go out to a restaurant when we had a real crisis (Covid)

  9. Or the strength to do something slightly uncomfortable yet incredibly small and easy like wearing a mask.

  10. I remember thinking at my last holiday how screwed I'd be if I lost my phone now or it stopped working: my hotel reservations, airline tickets and boarding passes, vaccination status... All in there, some in mobile apps only so not even retrievable via internet café. Adding the life-saving Google maps in unknown places, and other things like all of my contacts - losing a mobile phone can really get you stranded when you're in a foreign place.

  11. I never thought of that because I never use my phone on vacation. Mostly because it costs an arm and a leg for us to get a plan that works outside of the country. But I also never leave the beach at the resort lol.

  12. eSims targeting travelers are where it's at these days. Can get data for ~US$4/GB in Europe. If you have a recent iPhone or Android, it can work alongside your existing plan. No contract.

  13. That's good to know. I did a quick Google for esims in Canada to see what I could find. It's $34 for 10 gigs for 30 days... no other phone functions, just data lol. I guess if you're traveling you can buy it from anyone? I dunno but thanks for the info as an option to look into.

  14. Imagine being such a neckbeard that you use subject in a real sentence when talking about someone else. Sniff some grass boy, it’s good for you.

  15. That's a good little pet lol. Keep it up little one you are doing as I have instructed you. Another one for us to laugh at peasant. lol. Dance for us, monkey.

  16. Dance for us, monkey. Dance. Continue to do as I tell you my little pet. Show us more of your meltdown over taking this L so hard lol.

  17. I live in this town. They always show the football stadium, but Allen has the largest marching band in the country, a beautiful fine arts center, a great culinary program and a STEAM Center that is probably one of the best in the country for a public school. Most of the people in our town are solid middle class and we worked hard to get here and want to give our kids the best education possible.

  18. Yeah those kids at that other peasant school had lazy parents that didn't work hard enough

  19. In texas, your prosperity is treated as an extension of your moral goodness.

  20. As it is written in the Bible... wait a second!

  21. America, Land of the Free. Where absolutely nothing is free and you either pay for your life saving surgery or go bankrupt and ruin the next seven years of your life. God must literally forbid helping your fellow person in the Bible.

  22. I like the overkill of it getting zapped. Like if he had any idea for that split second of recovering any of it, that is got smoked lol.

  23. It sucks but they were just trying to be nice... now they can learn while they scour the rust off for you lol.

  24. Well… the US has 33x more population than Sweden, while only having 12x more deaths. Sweden, on average, has roughly 2.75x more deaths per population than the US, not including the dark figures of either place.

  25. How high were you when you figured this out? Lol

  26. Doesnt really work when the regions both share the same common names.

  27. Hey ethnic Russians in Ukraine how do you feel about being savagely murdered, raped and attacked by Ukraine?

  28. Gregor, you are being to obvious. Sergey said we need to be discrete.

  29. I get it, but it's wrong to punish even 20% for the wrongdoing of others. They were right to provide aid.

  30. It's how the world works. Voting is fairly split and i don't feel like doing all the math so i went easy numbers but should 164 million Americans be punished for Republicans at the federal level? That's how the world works sadly.

  31. The beer in the sand is my favourite part lol

  32. I do feel like it's a legitimate part of the game on the same level of diving in soccer. I forget who but a player once said in regards to diving that it was a part of the game and by not participating in it you were missing an opportunity for your team.

  33. With highscores for fastest ban. Mine took literally 2 minutes, got the feeling it's up there.

  34. Many don't even get there lol. They will literally ban you for posts you made outside the sub. They're a delicate bunch.

  35. "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." Timothy 2:12

  36. Yeah it read "Rules for thee but not for meeeeee. Suckas."

  37. Hope he has an advil squirreled away lol

  38. It’s the other kids who are stupid for not being friends with him

  39. Do you think his nickname is Big Bird seeing as his name and appearance is Huge Bird?

  40. I like how you made an edit to make your comment homophobic. Gay used to mean lame is because of people's derogatory views towards homosexuality.

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