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Hurricane Ian - what 15 fr storm surge looks like (credit to Max Olson Chasing)

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  1. Lots of people are looting the area

  2. Sharks must be excited during a hurricane to see new places

  3. This city is under water, hope their drainage system gets unclogged soon.

  4. Not the first if you count sea planes, Vancouver has a fleet of electric passenger sea planes

  5. Whenever America does it they say "The world's first"

  6. I forget where I parked the car sometimes, I do want to worry about where I parked the baby

  7. Sometime you must had also forgot and rolled someone else shopping cart

  8. I've never seen this in Sweden and I'm born and raised here.

  9. I just google and it said

  10. Russia probably did the same

  11. A guy at my work got fired for wearing airpod during work hours

  12. Most of them wants easy and quick money so they end up doing wrong stuff

  13. All white people in the room

  14. How many Million dollars you made and properties you've got

  15. soon to become a Trillionaire

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