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  1. Old thread but I’m off next week. Luckily caught a couple great shots before but none of the RS3s in action. Anyone have tips on what lines they’re on? I was going to peek at Von Storch and then go from there.

  2. Right near Steamtown itself? I’ve been trying to get a shot of this one and the RS3s forever. Off next week and hopefully I have better luck. Haven’t been up that way since Von Storch went up.

  3. Excellent! I applaud your vintage Ikea barrel chair as well.

  4. And I went to Space Camp that year.

  5. We have clean energy it's called nuclear power

  6. We should be recycling fuel not storing it like France does 90 percent recycled and reused This is bc Jimmy Carter banned recycling of nuclear fuel and waste and no one has woke up and changed it.

  7. It depends on the vehicle. I was recently looking at a 2000 superduty truck. Found one for $69k with 89k miles which was in line for my area. Decided to see what cost would be on building one as close to the used truck as possible. The new truck was only $2k more than used. Why? If you need a truck now the only option is used (lots are empty of big trucks) so price is high. If willing to wait for the build price is reasonable.

  8. Wife and I just let go of a Porsche we had and got our original pay value back. The purchased vehicle usually sells above MSRP even in the best of times. Despite that, the dealer worked with us and let it go below MSRP. Could we have made more selling our 2019 Cayman privately? Sure. But time = $ = headaches resolved etc. I would say we had a rare opportunity though. Have to align the stars. As had been pointed out, what you make on trade or sale will likely be lost on the purchase end or vice versa.

  9. That would fall under the special circumstances the of a collectors edition. It's either a new model that was highly desirable, a limited production run, etc. Not all that uncommon with special editions in the Porsche or Sports Car world.

  10. Exactly. We just lucked out. For everything more common I think the numbers are pretty craptastic at the moment.

  11. That’s Duck Donut level! Very nice. Any recipe disclosure lol?

  12. The Lobotomist, huh? Prefrontal or transorbital?

  13. No matter how many times this is reposted, it makes me crack up. Poor chap.

  14. That’s pretty wild. Haven’t been to Taiwan yet. New background lol

  15. This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to how beautiful Taiwan is.

  16. Never been. Adding to my travel-when-Covid-is-better/gone list.

  17. I think we had the Disney version of this.

  18. Nicely done! Far better than the useless low grade scans seen elsewhere.

  19. Is this traditional seafaring custom? Or just exchange of needed supplies?

  20. There’s a lotta Fabuland haters, but I loved mine. Still have the bits in with the rest.

  21. Lots of legwork. As a “collector” since 1979, I can’t fathom selling mine. Interest has waxed and waned over the years, but it always comes back. Pushing 50 now and I can’t imagine getting rid of it. Non critical sets are disassembled and put into circulation for free build and/or storage, and that has really helped the space issue. It depends if you want things in boxes etc. My wife and I pitch boxes unless there’s value. Sets are bagged or community freebuild dumped for the house. And we have a big collection lol. Also if any of it’s your kids’, I wouldn’t sell. They will really enjoy it at 20/30 years old again after their Dark Ages.

  22. Hahahhaah that’s sheer genius. I love it!

  23. I think folks have conflated “you work for me” with “you must agree with me”. School board members are indeed charged with serious duties as representatives, but they are representatives and are not beholden to a specific individual or thought process. I think this confusion is another product of the selfish and self-righteous times in which we live. If nothing else, the last two years have made it abundantly clear that group health and welfare is subservient to individual whim.

  24. Let’s address the real issue: malignant educational costs in this country.

  25. As a merchant mariner who has worked in 4-5 different shipyards over my career, let my tell you that in my opinion, shipyards are one of the WORST PLACES IN THE WORLD to work.

  26. Thanks for giving an overview of the experience. One of the things I like about Reddit is that I get a slice of the lives of others’ work or life experiences.

  27. As an escaped New Yorker, this was not pleasing to open.

  28. Very nice! Any more pictures about your shelf setup? I am debating a suspended setup for mine. A little nervous if it will hold my LGB Mikado though hahaha. Edit: what radius curves are you running? I know my Mike can run R1 but….

  29. I’m running 5’ curves for this layout to accommodate for other non-LGB locomotives that we have to run. As for weight, even if the supports can hold 15lbs you’re already above what you’d need to handle an engine of this size and whichever train it may pull. We honestly over-engineered our layout, to where it likely can handle up to 60 or 70 pounds, and could have gotten away with a much less heavy duty system to hold the shelves up.

  30. Thanks! Will check out the profile. I’m looking for various ways to elevate my G scale without spending thousands.

  31. I’m transitioning from Gen rad with light to moderate intervention to a tele gig for similar money.

  32. Not a bad deal. I dropped out of our intervention pool a couple years back as it was an unmitigated dumpsterfire. The only reason I stay for the moment is a university tuition waiver for my eldest. Also some decent scheduling flexibility and good colleagues. But the operations side is a shitshow and call is a flaming wreck at this point. Tele is becoming a very real option for me once my eldest is done with school. Edit: I suppose it’s not half bad being able to be 80%ish remote right now but we’re being told we have to go back to nearly 95% live soon. You know, for edumucashional purposes.

  33. Until restrictive covenants and draconian hiring contracts etc. blossom post-Covid.

  34. It was once said to me that we have different perspectives through a shared lens. I think that is somewhat accurate. Most folks would say I’m relatively outgoing and engage quite well socially. What they don’t know is that after that session I’m completely burned out and useless.

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