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  1. Sure thing OP, I’m sure these are all real.

  2. That guy went fucking nuts on him, I don't think that was warranted. Did the guy die or did to be survive?

  3. Dead people can’t fight back. Asshole deserves it.

  4. Dude was unarmed and he gave him the Ted Bundy treatment, beating the piss out of him would've been just fine

  5. How do you know he was unarmed? The clerk wasn’t going to fuck around and find out.

  6. The chance of running into a cheater is realistically so low. I’ve done hundreds of rounds this wipe and haven’t encountered one.

  7. I think kicking the guy with your skate blade is at least a minor penalty. 2 mins in the box for you.

  8. These are the size of the transformers at most power plants. They're heavy as fuck and have very long lead times. A lot of plants will have like 4 units using these and one just off in a side yard in a nice little enclosure just in case one of the 4 in service blows up.

  9. At my nuke plant we had two bigger than this. Huge monsters, we were always told they were the among them biggest ever made. Inputs 18kV at 18kA from the 1000 megawatt generator, puts out 345kV for transmission.

  10. Oh man that Logitech MOMO. I rocked that thing for so long. Was a pretty decent setup back in the day.

  11. You trust a random Russian website over FFA….ok god luck with that.

  12. This is the equivalent of saying ‘Unpopular opinion: I think nazis are bad’

  13. Neither? It’s an idle game. I’ve been doing thieving for like 2 months straight since I don’t have a lot of time to play. I just log in once a day and collect my credits. It’s not a grind to do anything.

  14. Bro its Walkabout golf, just buy it. One of the few games worth buying and having.

  15. I believe they don't want their gamesave deleted

  16. Yea that should keep their save data. If Not he gets to start all over and experience it again.

  17. The TV market is absolutely saturated. This kind of thing should come to no surprise to anyone. People watch 1 minute TikToks and think they are too long. Shows being on for 7 seasons is a miracle nowadays.

  18. $1500 and still only 256GB of storage? I hope this shit is wrong.

  19. Day 20, I’m like in month 4 and is till feel that way. I don’t get to play a ton though. By buddy took me on my first Interchange raid a few days ago.

  20. Yeah it's called a harpoon been around for ages and is much safer than having a loaded firearm on a boat

  21. What’s the difference between a loaded harpoon and a loaded gun? That’s an idiotic sentence. Both can kill just as easily if mishandled.

  22. Well, ya dense fuck, it doesn’t matter what it was made for, it’s about what damage it can do. So in the hands of someone stupid, like yourself, they can both be equally dangerous. Therefore, your original sentiment that harpoons are less dangerous because they were made for fishing, like yourself, is dumb as fuck.

  23. See people like this in Everett on occasion too.

  24. Last year there was the dude by my work who was jumping on the back of a truck in a parking lot with a chainsaw. Love it.

  25. After watching that there is no way I would trust FSD. It smashed that curb and then about drove into the giant dump truck. Took forever to make that right turn. Yea no thanks.

  26. This is torture testing a Beta version of the software. Honestly I'm shocked at how well it was doing, and that the driver was comfortable enough in some of those situations to actually take his hands right off the wheel (no comment on whether that was a good idea). FSD couldn't do most of that drive just 8 months ago, doing it with only 2 bad screwups now is amazing.

  27. Ah yes, justifying the $9000 optional beta software.

  28. Generally for most people, it's that fighter jets are way larger than they thought.

  29. Yes 100%. Seeing an F-14 in person I was like damn, that’s a big bird. On the other hand the F-16 is teeny tiny.

  30. On the other hand, seeing an SR-71 in person, I was like, "Whoa, that's gotta be a scaled down model."

  31. Yea it’s not big at all. The one plane that takes my breath away every time I see it is the B-36 st the Air Force museum in Dayton. It’s incredibly large.

  32. I got lucky, found three on dead scavs in customs by level 3.

  33. It’s funny at the Nuke plant I used to work at, we pulled water from a river for condenser cooling. We put the water right back in, but a little warmer. Eventually the state said we had to limit our water going out to 95 degrees to limit our effects on fish or whatever. Sure that’s fine.

  34. My plant installed a bunch of truck sized cooling towers in the discharge that do “side stream” cooling before it goes back to our lake. It lowers the discharge temps 5 degF and gives us a ton of margin to our lake limits now.

  35. Yea we had absolutely massive units installed in the 2000s to combat this problem. Guess they need more now.

  36. I got 2 bengal cats why? They have semi light brown/yellow hair yes

  37. That thing is nasty. Mine isn’t that dirty after years of running 24/7.

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