1. I've heard these aren't the best for flash suppression. Especially when using a 30 cal suppressor on a 5.56. That said I'm newish to suppressors and ill definitely take a closer look at them

  2. You can buy caliber specific flash hider end caps if you want.

  3. I think there are a few ways that you could go here, and any of them would be good. Here's what I'd do and why...

  4. Get the new Vortex LHT4.5-22x50. Razor glass, HALF the weight, priced between them.

  5. I bought a case of factory 6.5c before the pandemic at $1.25pr. Had to start reloading when the pandemic started, paid for all my gear in 700 rounds. I’m down to $.75pr now even with pandemic component prices.

  6. It’s not that heavy. Likely about average/what you want for target shooting. Buy a short/light/beater RAP for hunting, you’re not lightening your rifle significantly unless you spend more than $600 on a new barrel or light stock.

  7. I can’t find shit for leaks on higher mag gen III’s so please share..

  8. 6-36x56 was listed on a picture of the ebr-7d design.

  9. Again, its widely reported by people who have used this product extensively that it affects POI and not group size to the degree that it will make a meaningful impact for the 99% of users, who like I said probably already have a suppressor hanging off the end. If you find a load that groups well with low sd’s and es’s, its likely going to do quite well without the bayonet attached.

  10. Came to correct your original post about POI shift, but you did it here. I get about .6mil poi shift with the magneto v3. It’s repeatable and still get sub-1/2moa groups that translate well without the chrono. Certainly have to confirm zero without the chrono. Working on buying an arca bayo soon.

  11. Hornady 140bthp and maybe find some cheaper powder (staball/imr4350). Range pickup brass if you want to save firings on your Lapua.

  12. I had 2 LCpls salute me while carrying M82a1s at shoulder arms in garrison. Perfectly executed. Probably most memorable salute I’ve had.

  13. The maverick runs off the hellfire or sidewinder system, and the 419 brakes are much more effective brakes as well, plus you can still get set up to run your TBAC can on the 419 mounts

  14. Love suppressors, but I prefer brakes for positional shooting. Area419 brakes and adapter to run the nomad as well.

  15. Depends what you want to do. You can also potentially be humint at Marsoc after spending a while in the 0211 community. Downside is it’s only for a tour.

  16. They have 5yr tours, and can usually stay within/close to the community if they want.

  17. It's hard to beat the G2 for the price, and the fact it can accept a MIL eyepiece for not much more.

  18. I got mine a ruger american lefty in .243 with a vortex scope.

  19. This. Roger American in .243 or 6.5cm would be hard to beat for a lightweight and inexpensive rifle. B14 would be a step up in weight and cost, for not much performance (my 6.5c RAP shoots sub 1/2moa).

  20. This isnt true at all. A NPLOC doesnt get "run"; once issued, a NPLOC ceases to exist from an official standpoint. Although the underlying facts giving rise to the NPLOC may be mentioned on a fitness report, the letter itself cannot.

  21. NPLOCs work great for establishing habitual actions for a 6105.

  22. For enlisted sure, not so much for an officer unless it's for adverse fitrep, which even then you dont really need anything for.

  23. Per the PES, you still have to have paperwork for officer/snco adverse reports in the justification block. They can be pulled if it's not done right. Now, I know it's not always done like this, but I've had to write a few third reviewers before.

  24. Leave it however you want to, you have enough foam that it won't matter.

  25. Legally, probably not. Certainly an ADJ/JAG question regarding the receipt of gifts or donations.

  26. Very nicely done, I'm gearing up for something similar next or the following year.

  27. 6.5cm or 7saum. 6.5c will get you there and will be cheaper to do it, with 3x barrel life. If you want to really start into LR, get the 7saum in LA to take advantage of the heavies and potentially rebarrel to something bigger if you decide 60gr isn't enough for you.

  28. I used to own a pst g2, the mk5hd is certainly better in all aspects. If your finances allow, the 5-25 mk5 would do everything you'll ever want.

  29. The gun and ammo will shoot better than this. Work on building a more solid shooting position with NPA.

  30. You don't need sleds, a dense front/rear bag will work perfectly fine.

  31. Probably not compatible due to the cost and availability of ammo/components if you want to shoot. If I had foreseen the increased cost of everything 5 years ago I probably would have told myself to pick a different hobby (though I saw this in 2012-2016 too and should have known better).

  32. This is a pretty solid summary of the SE. I used one on my PRS 6.5c until I got a Tract, and now use the SE for 22lr matches out to 400. It has features the viper pst doesn't, but its glass isn't as good as a pst gen2. I purchased it over a viper for cost and features.

  33. Will those wedges get as much use as that plunger??

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