Poland puts its WW2 losses at $1.3 trillion, demands German reparations

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  1. Poland should be kicked out of the EU, they don't belong in it and they don't contribute anything

  2. Germany 2023 EU payment share is 23,6 % of total budget. Meaning less than one fourth, so surprisingly everyone else contributes far more! Every 1 € Germany puts in, rest of the EU puts in over 3 €.

  3. Why does Poland don't send some of their Abrams or K2's to Ukraine? I bet they would be very happy and glad about them.

  4. What attitude? Germany delivered arms as early as March and provided humanitarian help to all the refugees that came.

  5. not to forget, germany as many other eu states is paying for the us weapons, which the us was sending to ukraine. Else than the weapon of the european states, the us weapons was is no donation. It's Lend-Lease


  7. Poland didn't built gass chambers to gass to death millions of people, as Germany did.

  8. Es ist eigentlich nur eine Frage der Zeit das durch diese schweren und illegalen Eingriffe dieser "Klima"extremisten in den Straßenverkehr tatsächlich ein Rettungswagen nicht rechtzeitig sein Zeil erreicht oder jemand ins Stauende kracht.

  9. for every WH40K game i would accept this method as appropriate

  10. Look, while its absolutely true that PiS is using this for their own motives and the timing sucks, Poles in general consider the topic open and this has been the case even before PiS came into power. For example in 2004, the whole parliament (government and opposition) unanimously passed a bill that said reparations are open and should be pursued.

  11. I think the land that Poland annexed from germany is by far more worth when what poland requests as reparation.

  12. We should not forget that some months ago Poland denied to share it's Gas with germany. There must something really running terrible wrong in the polish government.

  13. Why are they allowed to leave again when non-jewish citiziens have to serve in the army?

  14. seems like they are very scared of anti-air missiles

  15. Yes but it is also apparently much more reliable as Ukrainians are saying that this said to be "unbreakable" auto loader for shells in Pzh2000 is actually quite breakable.

  16. provide the source, else everything you wrote is wrong

  17. Syrien was a peaceful country that time. Israel actions there are on par with russias actions in Ukraine...

  18. International law ... seems only applys to others mh?

  19. It's still better than US Military Recruitment Video "Emma"

  20. NAZI -> Nationalsozialismus -> National Socialism is a political philosophy which any country can choose. It's nothing that is exclusively german.

  21. Russia is doing shit and get sanctions by the EU ===>> buuuhh it's all germany's fault

  22. It's called GIS ARTA and it reduces the "request-to-fire to trigger-pull time" from 15 to 20 minutes down to 30 seconds in the most ideal case, 1 to 2 minutes normally. That is actually what is killing the PzHs at the moment, they are built for 100 max shots per day, according to rumors thanks to Gis Arta they averaged 300 to 400 per day.

  23. PzH is build for much more than 100 shots per day. Seems many people hardly misinterpreting a bad translated comment from a journalist and take that as given fact.

  24. well, it's good enough to stop fragmentation projectiles, that's already worth to wear it.

  25. Okay so it can't stop super soldier but will it stop bullet?

  26. related to this video, the helmet deformation alone will crack your head when a bullet hits that helmet.

  27. fresh in combination with M113 stabs a little bit my nerves, but good to see Ukraine get some armored carriers, they really need.

  28. I wonder why they selected exactly that airbase. There are other targets on crimera that look like higher value targets, so would be interesting to know why exactly this one.

  29. Didn’t know you are the Ukrainian general making the decisions. The Ukraniums have a method and a reason for what they are doing.

  30. Didn't know you are the Ukraine official press speaker, but great for you.

  31. a generic one or dedicated to a single jet/copter?

  32. Whatever the hell you want, as long as it's under the max of 50k

  33. ok, no chance my "Hypothetical Ultimate Simpit" would stay below 50K

  34. crazy that he still had enough intact muscles to crawl out after that fireinferno

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