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  1. So what happens is someone will buy that snooze at .0624, and then like 15 people will see the new floor, think to themselves "wow, I can list my snooze at 0.15 and make an easy sale!", and then get butthurt that the other 14 people also did the same thing.

  2. If only the wrists were separate accessories :(

  3. Lol I used to think everyone was worth saving too, then I turned 9.

  4. I wish they would actually feel that way, cause you know the dumbass that yells 'ya!' is the first idiot that looks for help when it actually happens to them.

  5. For sure, and the number of 30 yr olds that can even choose to afford health insurance is by far a minority of the population so death is then their only option.

  6. The only thing you need to worry about when you, or your family, gets sick is getting better. It's crazy that one of the recent mass shootings victims wanted to get out of the hospital as soon as possible cause they said they can't afford it.

  7. At this point the whole trip to the hospital was just a publicity stunt to act as though this country is functioning properly. The entire country is one big stage show being propped up by debt, corruption, and extortion while the actors starve for the wealthy audience's entertainment.

  8. "I bought you the shoes, now you're gonna let me borrow them!"

  9. Could be nothing, could be something. You could definitely say nothing is certain.

  10. That does it...get those hands right in your eyes.

  11. They say that if you scratch your tongue then rub the juices in your eyes all the burn immediately goes away. Supposed to do the opposite if pepper sprayed

  12. The vest didn't make me laugh though, his straight face and respectful nod as they each respond in a varied state of confusion straight tore me up.

  13. Needed more of an incline on the launch ramp

  14. Every single problem that you mentioned is not only solvable but has already been solved independently of one another, the technology will advance and is not going anywhere despite the FUD. Imagine believing that an industry less than 20 years old [experiencing the earliest stages of an adoption curve] is perpetually on the verge of collapse while it simultaneously dwarfs the market cap of most other industries, idk what news source you use but you might want to avoid those wearing tin foil hats.

  15. Cool thing is that it's not one creature. It's a collective all joined together.

  16. Interesting, what are their defense mechanisms? Asking for a friend

  17. Almost looks like the Jeepers Creepers car

  18. He maybe a Jesus nut job but at least he is a cool nut job. As fellow Christian I wish more are like him- who is ok with caring the poor as well as protizing Christianity

  19. [Assuming he existed] Caring for the poor was literally all Christ did, not prioritizing a theocratic establishment(?).

  20. As soon as I began playing with the new commanders I realized the Nayali deck is far more consistent which imo makes it objectively "better". It seems like the theme deck around phyrexians is missing too many powerful commons/uncommons from the set as well.

  21. I would have to agree with you there. The Rebellion Rising Precon certainly has a much more straightforward gameplan and one that already fits well with what Boros is already good at (token generation), while the Corrupting Influence Precon has a much less linear gameplan and less tools to work with because of that (since it appears that WotC wanted to make a poison counter precon that wasn't a full on aggro build). Still, I feel that Corrupting Influence is still a solid precon, if just for the novelty of an infect build that isn't aiming to knock out players right out of the gate, but to keep the alive to generate value from them (which to be fair may not be as efficient as traditional infect builds, but at least won't be as oppressive at the table).

  22. 100% corrupting is still a deck and with additions from a box purchase or limited event could easily turn nasty af. Does it deserve to be $20 more, as per my lgs, when it doesn't even compete with the paired deck in 75% of games? Probably not. Right now a $35 rebellion deck is an off-the-shelf bomb on a budget.

  23. What other major events happened in 1992 again?

  24. Foster care is used as a ruse to sell children in some states.

  25. Don't forget the church-based foster programs that use child labor in foreign mission trips.

  26. Or the government really really "likes" children. Speaking of which anyone ever locate those thousands of migrant children abducted from their parents?

  27. For these lgs events many people are spending hours of time studying for them, that's what I did after getting stomped at the last event anyway since my devices don't support Arena. That means watching youtube videos of the pre-release draft and sealed events for streamers, going over the complete set list at least once, understanding what the best cards are and what constitutes a "signal" (indicator of cards being chosen by other players in the pod), and then generally understanding what goes into making a good limited deck (16-18 lands, removals, bombs, etc). In the modern age there are dozens of people online who eagerly spoon feed every tip, trick and ranking to you, something that never existed when I first started playing mtg in the '90s, so the likelihood of someone sitting across from you having consumed some form of assistive media is higher than it ever has been before.

  28. A lot of LGSs have a Discord server. Helps you keep in touch with regulars, staff, and those interested in coming to the LGS. If your LGS doesn't have one, suggest it to whoever organizes events there.

  29. Based on what OP said that would just provide more access to a bad experience.

  30. It can vary by the culture at the LGS. The one I frequent most is very EDH/Commander-centered. Even though there are cEDH pods, most are casual. Arena codes from promo packs are often given away by winners because it just doesn't offer EDH.

  31. EDH is something new and interesting that seems to be refining to a social quality that is similar to the old ways, the multiplayer dynamic is definitely exciting and challenging while being able to generally calculate and align power levels makes it far less likely to be perma-stomped. Just built my first 2 commander decks in the past few weeks so I'm very eager to get more involved in the new format. Needless to say I didn't immediately check the internet to build so the first time I sat down and dropped multi colored lands for a mono color commander I had to scrap everything lol. Cleaned 'em up though and excited to test them out.

  32. A lot of this is coming from the buttcoin sub. I have seen posts telling everybody to go down vote on this sub. It doesn’t matter If you do block somebody they can still vote they just cannot comment.

  33. That sub is full of super intelligent and progressive individuals who only seek to improve society /s

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