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  1. porn hub allyship 🫶🏳️‍⚧️🫶

  2. Play Kill Confirmed 6v6 and come back to me when you see a map that isn't USS Texas, Sphere, Desolation, Beheaded or Mayhem.

  3. your reply made it seem like that’s a bad thing

  4. i gotta practice exo suits more, i played a little bit throughout the last 8 years but i never prestiged and i want to

  5. i wish there were more models and i wish IW would make MW zombies

  6. i never hated the mw19 movement or any other movement, i just adapt to the game tbh. i still like the mwii movement, it’s just a bit slow is all but i still like it.

  7. what exactly is toxic about winning the game?

  8. When you use it as a flex to call someone trash and that's kinda you know, toxic.

  9. how do you leap to that meaning they’re calling you trash?

  10. we get closer and closer to a genocide each day. i hate this planet

  11. trans genocide, adin is being transphobic, i guess you’re just dense.

  12. both usually, the IW map designers are taking the piss, shipment is the best map they have to offer in both of the recent MW games and it’s not even a good map, it’s just the only map that plays like other cod games.

  13. Not everyone that plays ZB is a casual. I prefer ZB because it comes down to having awareness of your surroundings (which you can't alter by putting up bases/walls) and full reliance of pure aiming/shooting skill and what exists around you and trying to use it as an advantage. If a player makes a tactical mistake I can exploit it to the maximum and vice versa and there is no shelter.

  14. so you are a casual lmao, it’s ok to not be able to build

  15. it’s like taking guns out of cod and saying it’s better, go play a different game if you don’t wanna build, it’s called FORT nite not hide in a bush and die after seeing one person.

  16. idk mine always kills and i play core

  17. big shocker. personally blows my mind that people prefer no builds over builds, literally the only reason i like fortnite so much is because if the unique mechanics like BUILDING

  18. they don’t like it coz they can’t do it

  19. play dmz or invasion and do as many challenges as possible, in invasion the bots give you xp exactly the way a player would.

  20. servers are always bad, activision hates spending money clearly

  21. i haven’t won the first time yet 😦

  22. that’s cool too bad i don’t play the game anymore

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