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  1. can you give edit access?

  2. I updated your formula to:

  3. That’s awesome! I didn’t think it was going to be a doable task, but I’m only a spreadsheet white belt, lol. I don’t fully understand the formula you wrote, but I’m going to study the elements & learn more. Thanks a bunch, huge help!

  4. Ah yes, my favorite QOTSA album!

  5. Nice. Have you messed around with any AI engines to create the music parts yet?

  6. no i havent, is it cool ? catnt really find any one thats doing that

  7. There’s actually a few worth checking out such as: Melody Sauce, Midi Madness, Orb Melody, Lemonaid, BandInABox, Pilot, & probably a few others I’m not thinking of.

  8. Closest thing I can think of is a bull hitch with twists added in.

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I haven’t gotten to see the newer Magenta features yet, and haven’t heard of Pilot before. I have to say, Magenta doesn’t perform nearly as well as I would expect considering it’s proprietor. I’m sure that’ll will change over the next year though.

  10. I think in 2 years AI music will consistently be able to produce reasonably listenable results, and will be readily available to the general population, just as AI art is currently

  11. Good article, thanks for sharing. I think along the way the progress of AI generated music will be smoother than that of images/videos/speech/text because of government enforced regulations that will be put into place over time. AI music doesn’t pose any threat to governed nations like images/videos/speech/text does. I don’t know how the hell any government will manage to control it though. It’s going to be really interesting to see how that stuff plays out over the next couple of years!

  12. I agree this is a mountain lion track, but the lower track in this image shows 4 claws—2 from each register. The first register left a claw mark on the middle left toe and the farthest right toe. Second register left marks on the two right toes. The far right toe is the only one i can clearly see the impression from each register, both toe and claw. Second register is just slightly offset to the right, which is how you can tell that odd little mark near the inner left toe came from the first register claw.

  13. Aren’t the two tracks too close together though? It’s my understanding that cats directly register. These tracks are close together as if one rear paw landing just behind the front paw.

  14. They are pretty close, but I’m seeing it more as a short stride this is double registered. If you look closely at the far right toe, you can see both registers. The first made a toe imprint just to the left of the second. The other toes blend together pretty well but the toe on the right shows a little bit of the first register separately from the more prominent second register. Look in between the the two right toes.

  15. Yes, a short stride would make sense. Good eye catching the overlap.

  16. What engine did this come from? Is it completely AI made or a hybrid?

  17. It’s hybrid. I’ll get the url and send it too you if I find it lmao

  18. Please do, that’d be great, thanks!

  19. That’s pretty good, I would have been fooled. Did you make it?

  20. Awesome, I’ll check it out, thanks for the tip!

  21. Definitely interested in hearing what it comes up with.

  22. Dm’ed you a video with examples.

  23. No problemo, I’m open to feedback if you any thoughts to share.

  24. This absolutely hilarious. You forgot #5, is it important for the sheets to all be the same color or can multiple colors be used?

  25. Maybe not as hilarious if you take him at his word for why he's asking

  26. True, but my impression is that the question was being asked with at least some degree of humor, but I may be wrong.

  27. First off, you were a bit misleading saying 2-3mins. That took more like 10-15mins, lol. Sorry to say I scored most of them a 3, a few 4’s, and one 5. It is just too random sounding due to lack of structure, and it’s impossible to identify any kind of “1” be it the key note, root note, or beat.

  28. Documentaries on whales???? Is this camera waterproof or something?

  29. What is this? A documentary on Jonah?

  30. The Moises app can separate vocals from the rest of the music of an audio file. Perhaps try that app.

  31. I hoped there would be such a sub on Reddit, and low & behold…

  32. Great idea! Actually, I have been working on something like it for the past 8 months. I have created an algorithm to accomplish this with melody. Still much to do though. Working on harmony meow.

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