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Prism+ Monitor Company is trash

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  1. I agree with the general consensus that you should probably not open up your PSU. However, there seems to be a fair bit of misinformation and unintentional exaggeration in this thread.

  2. So I'm not supposed to lick the big black cylinders?

  3. Lower latency of a monolithic chip vs chiplet.

  4. LMAO either one reads as the 5600xt nudging ahead just the emphasis is different on one over the other.

  5. I hate it when I have to ask Elon Musk to unban my 980 pro from twitter for saying gay people are gay the fourth time this week.

  6. Great pc, this is super sick, but why the 11700k?

  7. Damn these are alr over 10 years old

  8. Apart from frame buffer and a bit of a lead in some productivity use cases, the 5600xt is better in every way.

  9. Lol most warranty I want is about 3-4 years, since May replace around the DDR5 release. RGB isn't a concern, looking for performance and price rather than looks atm lol

  10. Bro forgetting performance advantages of rgb

  11. I’ve never really been able to fix the issue, however, having it sleep, and then waking it up solved the issue for me. Basically every time the Mac needs to boot up, it will be messed up until it sleeps, allow it for a bit, and then boom works

  12. It is possible that something was unseated accidentally when you opened it, could have not even been your fault, but I have opened an Imac and then done everything well, closed it, and closing it has caused one cable to unseat slightly, so it wouldn't power on until I opened it back up and plugged it in properly. The reason it works when you sleep is most likely because the SMC is reconfiguring to compensate for whatever the issue is (could possibly not even be a cable). If I were you I would open it back up and just check absolutely everything — unplug the power supply from the logic board and plug it back in too.

  13. My theory is the iMacs display is waking up to a white image and there’s some damage on the cable, and thus the panel is not properly working as is. It’s not until the iMac sleeps that the voltage is dropped completely, and when you wake it up, there’s always first a black screen, then it lights up, and this allows the iMac to properly use the color profile, because literally at no other point after a boot up does this happen until it’s powered off again

  14. Yes that's true, the lack of a colour profile would make sense in a voltage spike especially in display connections. Do you think you're going to replace the cable or just let it be?

  15. Find one little thing you can do everyday. I would try it if I were you, it really helped me (for example I practice duolingo everyday, sounds lame ik, but makes me feel like theres something I have to do, and there is just no time for dying or thinking about it). I really hope the best for you

  16. I'm glad I'm not, and I'm happy that that helped you, although that seems like such a small thing, thats so cool that it did help you.

  17. I bought a 2014 iMac 27 late in 2021 and create a bootable Big Sur installer on a flash drive, booted from the flash drive, reformatted the SSD and reinstalled. That is one way to clean it out.

  18. Yeah but the problem is I can't even get into bootpicker so that wouldn't work.

  19. Is there a firmware lock on it?

  20. All restaurants that don't use a separate kitchen or aren't 100% gluten free have a degree of cross contamination. The poster is trying to show that the restaurant is acknowledging the cross contamination. "Find me gluten free" does not address cross contamination

  21. Yes that's so true thanks for pointing it out, this is a better solution and doesn't require much effort.

  22. They study celiac because it has a very clear trigger…gluten. The research from celiac will be used for other autoimmune conditions though…the nanoparticle research is amazing and they have trials for celiac, food allergies, and MS! If they can figure out how to retrain/reset the immune system to stop reacting to benign substances (gluten, food, myelin sheath) then that has huge implications for all kinds of things!

  23. what other triggers exist surrounding our diisease, this seems like a huge step forward. im honestly really surprised how heavily celiacs disease/"cures*" are being studied, but this is great!

  24. This is really interesting, thank you for sharing.

  25. its her dad wtf is wrong with you 💀

  26. I have endometriosis and celiac. My periods are abnormally painful. (Recently had a hysterectomy so I don't get periods anymore).

  27. Thank you for your insight into your own experiences, yeah I can understand more now how these varying pains are radically different for some people.

  28. I can't cut it out yet, I'm still doing other blood tests. It's nothing to do with me wanting to eat gluten goods, I actually want to cut them out ASAP.

  29. Oh ok, yeah makes sense, I forgot, I had to do that too. Sorry 💀

  30. not to call you out or anything, but there are four fries in the third equation.

  31. Oh wait no yur absolutely right i didn't see that thank you so much

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