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  1. Yeah i don't care about re-skinned weapons lmao. As long as they have new perks and functionality I'm more than happy. Also i spent 28$ at where I live on this expansion including annual pass lmao💀

  2. Can't wait to grind "Synthwave Seduction" 720rpm auto rifle 👍in Lightfall

  3. That's unlikely, they vaulted for the sake of storage space because of something regarding Sony. So they'll run into the problem again.

  4. They're not sunsetting anything. They've said it on camera in first lightfall reveal show and in multiple twabs as well

  5. Alright, I just don't have any hope for it lmao

  6. I don't blame you lmao. sunsetting really left a huge scar on the game and community as a whole but at least they're trying to make things right

  7. They hate it because it’s cool to hate it. Whether it’s content creators or just this sub, they can bitch all they want. Don’t forget, if they’re creating the content or posting here, they’re still playing the game lol it’s not a perfect system, I’ve got no trouble admitting that. But the game is fun as shit, and that’s why you don’t need to worry about the hate lol they’re all still online clicking the hours away on their mains

  8. I've quit playing this game in season 1 lmao. I'm only in this sub for updates and in hopes some major turnaround will happen with this game. I'm not hating because it's cool. I'm hating because game is just that bad in it's current state

  9. You wouldn't understand the hate because you never played this game in it's peak years. calling OW2 a downgrade is major understatement considering some of it's glaring flaws compared to OW1. OW1 wasn't perfect either and it had it own flaws but it was never really reached the lows in it's entire lifespan that OW2 already facing going into it's 3rd season only.

  10. so true, sahbabii is solidified. I just always wondered how he would sound on serious instrumentation, I feel like he could pull it off. A lot of his songs are youtube type beat even though he kills them.

  11. Do It For The Demon had serious songs for the most part. I disagree with your last sentence though. Calling S.A.N.D.A.S and Barnacles youtube type beats is kinda unfair

  12. I will never have anything bad to say about sahbabii. man is unique in his own lane and it's almost impossible for him to drop mid. just happy that he's dropping music consistently now. Love this and hyped for the album if he's dropping one 👍

  13. I usually play only about 3 hours a week on weekends. Is this a good enough game to be played that way?

  14. if you buy the game with DLC's (which are absolutely worth btw) it'll take you a long time to complete the game by playing the way you mentioned

  15. I was there. Been listening to this genre since 2009

  16. I want you to stop hyping mid artists that's what I want

  17. Most ball players don't actually tank enough. Ball can tank so much damage with shields and health packs if you play well and make sure you keep the pressure up but most ball players just hide on long flanks and wait a full minute to set up a 1v1 dive on a dps or supp they can't even kill half the time

  18. Ball is not there to tank or soak up the damage though. that's not his primary role anyways. he's a disrupter tank and enemy dissplacement and being annoying asf towards them are his primary tasks

  19. Yeah and you disrupt them by making yourself present in the teamfight and absorbing a lot of fire not taking 1v1s as if you're a Tracer

  20. Then you're expecting something from a tank that he isn't supposed to do in the first place. Which boils down to a you problem

  21. Sakura in mumbai ?? That's awesome!! why don't they plant these everywhere 😭

  22. These are actually Tabebuia rosea, or rosy trumpets. They look very similar to sakura cherry blossoms.

  23. I don’t think I’ve seen a single post on Reddit without you in the comment section

  24. Because i don't use other social media such as insta , twitter etc so when it comes to music this is the only platform i be on in my free time. Ion even post shit i just comment on posts i find decent

  25. You missed on that one gang. It was nice attempt though

  26. I don’t get it y didn’t this drop officially?

  27. I'm extremely impressed with Satner's captainship in this series

  28. literally no reaction from the crowd?? Fkcing shut those vuvuzelas for a second when a wicket falls mfers

  29. You should be banned from the sub for even asking this question

  30. It was in your head. It never happened fuck you talking about?

  31. Goated Post. This is the typa shit i miss reading on music subs these days

  32. blizzard in shambles once opium fighting game releases fr 🔥🔥

  33. Praying on blizzard's downfall every single day as long as i'm alive

  34. What ? Yeat adlibs are awesome lmao way better than Sofaygo like it's not even a competition

  35. Ngl ion give a fuck. He decided to hold onto this song why longer than he should've

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