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  1. I just want traders so things are cheap, I don't care about labs or kalla.

  2. It's "lore" based to an extend your pmc is basically lab grown and tarkov is the "tests" each time you die your reborn with the knowledge previous you had, so when wipe is it's all starting over its why you have 0 skills and you gain them along the way, also why he doesn't know what milk is or ductape is ect. At least this is all i have learned after playing tarkov for ungodly amount of time over the years

  3. Yeah that seems pretty accurate. I wonder what it’ll take to grind that gear. Jeager already blows and the devs made it that way so im interested to know what makes not killing him worth more than some ir scope and gun I can’t get ammo for. Im going on a pure guess and im going to have to say they have some high tier shit on that island.

  4. Well trader is supposed to be electronic trader, so maybe new gpu item or something cool, I don't do scav rep, although I will do cultists rep, I am very curious to see what it adds, I have a feeling it's gonna be worth to build the rep, besides imo flir is better than reaper and jeager max isn't the hardest thing to get

  5. This is my first wipe actually playing the game since everything is locked behind traders now. I try and keep my scav rep positive but I’m absolutely not opposed to shooting bosses. Cultist rep will be interesting, having a positive interaction with them would be pretty cool.

  6. Personally fuck scav rep, I stay negative, no I don't kill on sight but like you got a big bag? I don't? Now I do and your back to hideout, also I do agree cultists rep would be very interesting I'm really not sure how they will do it, although I have only seen cultists once this wipe

  7. I've ignored all quests, hideout and just gone and had fun with the game, makes it a little harder and sure ill do maybe grenade quest or test drive currently rn but it's just fun

  8. Your a bad scav to have to wait an hour

  9. Ngl this wipe I’m being a good scav just to see if it’s worth it. But next wipe I’m going to be the scummiest scav you’ll ever see. I just get bored of opening so many containers why no just take from someone that’s already curated the good stuff

  10. Just make it like when USECS shoot rogues. If you kill scavs as a scav, your next four games have all the Scavs aggro you immediately. Then if you kill one of those scavs because they’re mad at you, then it’s another four games. See where I’m going with this? It would be extremely frustrating.

  11. Why so against scav on scav, it's literally described as them killing eachother for measly scraps.

  12. Not sure how easy they are to kill. For me, if they see me for half a second I am dead. I have no idea how to get close to them without dying. They light me up like a Christmas tree anytime I get within sight of them.

  13. As a bear I've been hit with the grenade launcher from upper resort, but as a scav they kinda turn a head most the time as if they are blind from some angles but straight on mow me as a scav

  14. I mean lore wise they kill eachother for scraps? They aren't an organization they are 100% free for all, if you get betrayed you get betrayed, scavs only take 14 min lol go play your pmc and make money, scavs shouldn't be worry free like they are, 2 wipes ago it was praised and people had to be aware as a scav. It's too easy as scavs now tbh, I enjoy a bit if scav fighting, scavs hunting me down or fighting me over their or my kills, I think people forget this isn't loot simulator lmao

  15. StoichZ ur a cowardly scum bag. How u gonna voip me and then shoot me in the face . Ur trash bro . there need to be more penalties for scav on scav .

  16. Yeah only a complete idiot would defend this. The AI overperforms entirely too often and it has no benefit. BSG really needs to dial this nonsense back.

  17. Not saying tarkov AI isn't absolutely busted or that tarkov isn't busted but to me it seems he got shot from behind, if it's rashala and the boys they sit in rooms, and he didn't clear the room to his left and he put his back to it to ME at least thats what I'd suspect but if not regardless tarkov is busted so this wouldn't surprise me

  18. I don't care how many quests its locked behind, it will be mine

  19. You can down those guys, open the door and NOT use the remembrance just to keep them quiet.

  20. Duplicating the boss rememberances you use for runes or boss weapons.

  21. OH THANKS yeah that makes sense, I knocked one down when I started playing thr game had no idea wtf it was then never touched another again

  22. Length isn’t the only thing. The rail systems themselves are different.

  23. should be able to fit based on length i mean it can fit on an ash 12 so why not an AK? I get it for rails that aren't long enough but other than that really doesn't shouldn't matter

  24. I mean mutant's don't use AK Handguard platforms. They are an ar-10 with a keymod handguard. Like it's literally just a 7.62 M4 designed with an AK magwell.

  25. See that makes sense, in all real terms of guns I don't know everything because I didn't know that^ but I think for terms of a game I could make sense to allow it to fit on guns it's technically not meant for irl, but I just wanna use it on some AK builds lmao so

  26. This was patched a while ago, how recent is this photo? I guess the big resurfaced

  27. Played with a dude on the official tarkov server the other day n on his stream he was looking through the app by laying down on the floors and leaning left clipping through walls making callouts for everyone was pretty unfun and unexciting lol

  28. Take and build an m4 for example take a regular sight shoot it full auto then go to that sight and shoot it full auto, with thr hybrid it seems to act as if fully zoomed in even in the 1x mode giving it really shitty recoil like basically doubling the vertical

  29. Casually hunting chads with a fir dorms marked room key…. Sir you are the true chad

  30. Can't belive people are complaining about your post fx settings lmao you guys reach for stuff to be mad about

  31. You can try single player tarkov, I don't know much about it but I've heard lots about it and it's got tons of mods.

  32. Pretty sure it’s 2 camera people, the one recording doesn’t stay at a fixed rotation to the guy holding the camera

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