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  1. It's often almost the same price to change them versus turn them.

  2. Could it be done? Yes. Should you get it done? Probably not. Car manufacturers test their airbags a lot before putting them on a vehicle.

  3. Understood, thank you. I was under the impression that since the higher spec of the same car had it, it would be as simple as getting new dash trim to all the deployment of the bags and a new steering wheel to hold the bags along with the actual bags and sensors. It makes sense that it would be a bad idea.

  4. When speaking to an older person than you or to a person of higher authority than you, use vous.


  6. Est-ce que le difference avec « sur » et « à ».. comme si je dis « marcher à pied »

  7. If you use "tu", you have to conjugate the verb...FYI

  8. If the yokes are good, might be worth getting a shop rebuild it, but probably near the same price as a new one. If you get one from the scrap yard, change the u-joints and get it balanced. It'll save you time/money later on.

  9. Hello everyone! I'm a new moderator to this forum. I grew up in the automotive business and would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. I plan on creating links to repair help and ways to save money on replacement parts. I'm looking for your help or any suggestions before I do this. Please feel free to contact me

  10. If you're mechanically inclined, remove the throttle body and clean the inside and the outside, and use electrical contact cleaner where the pigtail connects. Then reinstall.

  11. Tire is low. Colder outside temperatures will easily do that. Inflate to correct pressure when tires are cold.

  12. Can u explain ? I'm guessing my problem might be heat related but I don't know for sure

  13. Most parts on a vehicle tend to expand when subject to operating heat. It's possible that a wire, switch, relay, etc is expanding when it gets warm and is causing a bad connection.

  14. If the low gear is not syncroed, shifting L to 1 won't be an issue. From 1 down to L would be an issue.

  15. Is there a set screw inside the center shaft? This is what hold the shaft in place. Remove the screw, the shaft, then the spider gears. The c clip should fall right off.

  16. I did all of this but pull the spider gears. I didnt want to pull out anything I wasnt entirely sure I could put back in.

  17. The only thing that holds the spider gears in place is the shaft. There usually is a thrust washer under the spider gears. Make sure to remove and reinstall.

  18. In my country? High speed rail. Keeps getting promised but never, ever happens.

  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Lincoln ever made a station wagon?

  20. Not factory ones, but there are a few custom ones out there.

  21. Right but not in OP’s sentence. You can’t say “c’est le portable avec quoi tu préfères écrire”

  22. LED bulbs on the circuit don't provide enough of a load the keep the switch solid

  23. My dad did a navy training thing where there's an actor walking around with a severed head of his friend (as well as multiple others dead, and injured in different ways) He had to prioritize the needs of the injured & get the situation under control - so he shoved this actor into a space out of the way to just chill with his friend's head and dealt with him at the end. Apparently it's pretty common - people insisting you give them back their limbs, fix obviously dead people etc, so they need to be trained to tourniquet, put out literal fires etc instead of dealing with the most insistent people.

  24. Thank you! I did not know about the colon trick! ☺️

  25. With that list of ingredients, your colon doesn't want to know about it I assure you! :)

  26. Ça fait du bien de parler français encore. Ou, de nouveau.

  27. I don't understand why the paper license I was given isn't acceptable when I got it signing up for the new ID. And why did they take my old one?

  28. The paper license is a temporary one until your paperwork checks out. There's also no picture of you on it!

  29. My picture is on it, it's basically a picture of what my new license will be

  30. Gotcha. But they haven't done the real ID check yet so that's why it's a temporary

  31. Didn't Ford have electronic radios in that Era? I know GM did

  32. GM had very basic AM/FM electronic radios, some were more fancy, with cassette and equalizer. Etc.

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