News from Tane-Tane-mahuta

  1. Rain should be lighter today. Forecast to pick up tomorrow again... then continue for 10 days. Suggest you go today.

  2. Well Titirangi housing just got more affordable so there is that.....

  3. Which Countdown is that? Must be about a dozen supermarkets flooded. This will be the next crisis. The refrigeration units will need major repairs. Already not enough technicians to do day to day repairs. People will be travelling all over Auckland looking for food.

  4. It's 2023 and this is the 3rd storm of the year. It's still January.

  5. Aucklands drinking water is fine to drink. If you have low pressure I'd recommend filling a few drink bottles now before it gets shut off for repairs. You might get some dirty water after a repair so just run it out via a cold tap or hose as you would after any other maintenance.

  6. Is this a bit sus or just normak? Why were they allowed to leave when the international terminal is flooded, but other planes can't?

  7. Airports closed until noon. They'll need to clear the backlog first.

  8. He should approach Ardern for some mentoring about crisis management.

  9. He should probably just resign. Dude was a deer caught in the headlights.

  10. Fucking drop kick gets off his arse and declares an emergency, what 5 hours after a kindergarten has to be rescued? What a champ.

  11. It wasn't even him that did it... someone else had to because he's that useless

  12. Lol. Technically only the mayor can. It's like the only power the mayor has. What's your source?

  13. Either way you get the water again

  14. No but banana peel does get rid of warts. Just put a bit under a bandaid. Will be gone in a few weeks.

  15. Jesus what do you think a bush is? What could "the bush" possibly mean, life is full of so many mysteries.... what do 70's Playboy models have between their legs?

  16. That's why modern western-style tanks have blast shields:

  17. Not the T-72 to T-90 as far as I know the ammo is stored in and under the crew compartment. Not sure what shielding is provided.

  18. It sucks but many Indians don't swim because the sea is full of shit and trash. They have no idea what the ocean really is. You must respect it. The solution is to ban plastic and clean up all the beaches in India, start safe swim schools etc. Don't blame kiwi volunteer life guards. Not a good look.

  19. The harbour master says no. Unfortunately, the current master has a rule that the ferry basin cannot be used by ferries while cruise ships are maneuvering into berth.

  20. Yet Space X can land two rockets vertically on barges simultaneously.

  21. Point of order. There were NO ALIENS in the abyss.

  22. Genuinely impressed they got three in the air at the same time.

  23. Lol is a significant portion of the band in some kind of legal trouble? Someone said something similar about Glenn the other day

  24. Yeah, hundreds of people in one of my FB groups, myself included. The odd thing is that it went straight to Chats instead of Message Requests or Spam.

  25. Generally double melt. Depends how I piece it out and who is buying it. Anything that is a brand that fetches way more (Tiffany, Cartier, etc) or sets do actually get polished but the rest isn't worth it to me personally. If they don't clean up with a baking soda and aluminum foil soak they aren't getting polished.

  26. I scratch test all my silver and gold, if it's high value I get it xrf'ed as a confirmation of actual content.

  27. There's been 100m of subway under Britomart for years!

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