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  1. Besides, GRRM hasn't really even begun to really go into the white walkers importance yet, which I think will blow up in the next book(s).

  2. Grifter felon and 2000 Mules disinformation documentary creator Dinesh D'Souza thinks Nancy Pelosi's husband got pummeled with a hammer in the middle of the night because of gay stuff. There's surveillance footage of the guy breaking in, and police body cam footage of him attacking Paul. The guy is in prison now and admitted to a reporter that it was politically motivated and wished he were able to do more damage to more politicians.

  3. The fact he only said “sex worker” and not any of the terms is only so he won’t be reported.

  4. About the only real piece of knowledge Jeremy seems to possess is a good understanding of which words will get you flagged in the algorithms. This is how his grift survives.

  5. Yup, remember when a bunch of journalist accounts got suspended for "doxxing" Elon? Well the big accounts all got reactivated, all the people working for big media got back on, but the lesser-known right wing watch groups and antifa-esque accounts all stayed suspended.

  6. It worked. He got the attention he's been dying for. The "I won't delete my rule-breaking tweet so my account will stay suspended but then I'll evade my ban with a second account and get my persecution trending" all worked. Jeremy is successful at what he does because he's greasy, slimy, vile, and his grift has no bottom rung, he just keeps going deeper into the foulest pits.

  7. THE TRUMP HATING loaer of a Congressman actually is trying to challenge OTHERS' ethics? Hey, Adam, get the PLANK out if YOUR eye before trying to help others get the mite out of theirs!

  8. Really?!? Kirk corrected his mistake, and didn't delete it. HOW MANY MARXIST LEFTISTS HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING REGARDING REPUBLICANS, THE 2020 ELECTION, AND TRUMP? ABSOLUTELY ZERO CORRECTIONS AND TONS OF DELETED TWEETS/E-MAILS, etc. To err is human, but to make the amount of mistakes Leftoids have made, with routine, and with the arrogance of them not being wrong only in their own minds... even when PROVED wrong... it's mind-boggling! Perhaps try getting the plank out of our own eye before trying to make an after-school special announcement that's so glaringly self-serving, arrogant, and completely unapologetically IMMORAL bybtrying to get the mite out of others' eyes!

  9. I'm not here to placate snowflake Marxists! If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I don't require your approval, for anything, ever! It's about WORLDVIEW, and you and I are probably 180° out of phase with what we perceive as true, good, beautiful, traditional, worthy of praise, etc.

  10. Wasn't it "A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can tie its laces"? ...Oooh, that's the point

  11. There's like 5 similar versions of this quote, and most are attributed to Mark Twain, although it's not actually his quote.

  12. "No death penalty? Argentina sounds woke and godless!" - Charlie Kirk, probably

  13. Does that Kirk guy have a giant head or xs small eyes? I saw a pic before and he looked like an AI render.

  14. I can never tell if his face is too small for his head or if his head is too big for his face

  15. Well, he did own up to his mistake, so… all good I guess?

  16. 1,600,000 people saw him calling for the death penalty over this photo, which is a fraction of a second in time.

  17. A screenshot of an unverified Facebook account making a comment? That proves it.


  19. Really? Having never played the Horizon games, this seems like the most compelling reason yet. HZD has metal and cheese?

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