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  1. A little off topic, but a mainstay of Indian places everywhere else in the world is thali, which is basically a mini-buffet-on-your-plate, but no one here seems to do that. Why?

  2. I imagine it's very costly to prep so many different dishes. But I'd love it if a place we're to do that!

  3. I love the ornithological bird. Reminds of watching games on HTS as a kid.

  4. The public, constituents, elected officials, and interested parties. Lobby to have a zoning designation which prohibits whole parcels for use as parking lots, while at the same time advocating for increased incentives for residential redevelopment.

  5. Sounds like a lot of work you want other people to do for you.

  6. It doesn’t take a lot to send an email to your elected officials; try it.

  7. Sounds like a little bit of work you want other people to do for you. Also I've sent my council person plenty of emails regarding issues I care about.

  8. The MLB will NEVER allow Camden Yards to go vacant. It is too iconic of a stadium to be left empty. Anyone suggesting otherwise is a rube.

  9. You say this, but it's been 30 years since it's hosted an All-Star game.

  10. That's because the Angelos family has been against the league and the owners since buying the team basically. He was pro strike in the 1990s and the ongoing MASN dispute is a thorn in their side as well. It has nothing to do with the park, consistently voted as one of if not the best in the league since its inaugural season.

  11. Tmobile gave me for free last year. Yeah still blacked out. Was a great gesture from people in other markets but not so much in MASN territory.

  12. It was fantastic for me as an Oriole fan living in NYC. But now that I am back home I use it to watch marquee matchups.

  13. I’ve been trying to find a plain grey hoodie with Orioles or Baltimore across the front and can’t find one, all the hoodies online are not good imo.

  14. Oh I have no intention of doing so. You should see my bootleg hokkaido ohtani. God awful.

  15. Damn, can my wife and two dogs move in with you? I'd love to live somewhere for free.

  16. Wait do you want to move in also or just have your wife live with me

  17. Ah shit ya got me! Lol. We're in the same camp respectfully though. Landlords shouldn't exist imo but I don't think it's terribly sustainable to go as far to say that everyone should have free housing.

  18. No reason it can't happen after 7am? All the reasons cited are treating sanitation workers like poor downtrodden individuals. That's a good fucking job that pays well and they don't even do it well in this city

  19. Trash collection is not a 'good fucking job'. It's back breaking manual labor where the workers subject themselves to a myriad of disease, hazards, and so on. If it makes it easier for them to do their job at 5:37am and results in my trash being taken away in an orderly fashion then so be it.

  20. More like, "I'll take Things someone who has been forced to interact with the police would say" Some of you still think the cops are out here to help you, and you are gonna have a nasty awakening someday.

  21. Cops aren't here to help me but they are here to disrupt drug dealers. I am all for that.

  22. Ok fair I misspoke to a degree. So what alternatives to law enforcement would you use to stop heroin and meth dealers from dealing drugs in the city?

  23. It is crazy that the team got two #1 overalls out of the same draft, and just how good that draft was in general.

  24. It’s so wild. I remember there was some debate into that draft, Adley or Bobby Witt. Well we went out and got Adley and a player who, in a limited season, had a better WAR than Witt.

  25. Witt was able to turn it around and will be a stud in his own right but imo game calling is a much more valuable skill. Adley has that, +defense, +bat. A much better grab than Witt any day.

  26. Absolutely, and 3 of our next 1st round and 2nd round picks are on mlbs top 100 prospects as well. Elias is building a baseball brain trust in Baltimore.

  27. I like this pickup a lot. No room for Hernaiz here with Gunnar and Jackson being our future left side of the infield. Cole can be a bit streaky but I think with our pitching staff he'll turn into a stud!

  28. Levy Restaurants have a new contract with OPACY so time will tell what is best to eat. However, if you're visiting, might as well hit up the Jimmy's Seafood kiosk. Others will say Boog's but you can absolutely skip it. Boog's is no longer a good meal/deal and anyone that suggests otherwise is in denial. You're better off hitting Chaps on 40.

  29. Santander is gonna regress for sure. Not much to regress from with a .240 batting average but I don't think he'll play another full season.

  30. And then you have me, a sub elitist through and through for the past decade.

  31. And you're on reddit, talking about subs vs dubs instead.

  32. Does that mean you can bring in outside food again?

  33. I don't know what the 10% success rate is referring to.

  34. He was an active MLB player for 13 seasons and he was a hit leader for a single team once. Meaning he had a less than 10% success rate when it comes to being a hit leader. He was never that good. And that's fine. He was still a professional baseball player.

  35. Being a good hitter and being the best hitter on the team are two completely different things.

  36. He never even played a full season? Let it go man. Steve isn't going to see this.

  37. Genuine question but why do drag queens read to kids? Doesn’t seem like it would be very entertaining or worthwhile imo. I never understood it.

  38. Drag queens aren't entertaining? Is this a serious argument?

  39. Do you have a link for the mailing list? It seems Like there are multiple lists to sign up for. Just the regular bird land one? Thanks for the info!

  40. Just the standard birdlist one is fine. You can also follow the Orioles on Twitter they'll def post it there too.

  41. Who is KB ? Missed the game w family stuff but drawing a blank on the initials.

  42. Former Oriole and current commentator, Kevin Brown, I'd assume.

  43. Those are two different Kevin Browns. The commentator is in his early 30s and never played professionally.

  44. Went to a wedding at the Frederick Douglas Museum. Cool spot, great location for partying afterwards, on site catering.

  45. Are a new teacher there? (My child got a Masters there.)

  46. No I am not and I am not revealing that kind of information on Reddit. I am just happy to be a new employee of the conservatory.

  47. I’m sorry you can’t find anything decent to eat around the inner harbor, cope?

  48. Because there isn't anything good to eat around the inner harbor. Except maybe Shake Shack which isn't date worthy. Are you suggesting the OP take his date to tourist traps like Phillips?

  49. I always forget Utsuke is there. Kippo is my favorite spot though.

  50. Are you arguing that the Astros were in the middle of a rebuild when they won the World Series? Because that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  51. No and I honestly can't fathom how you'd reach that conclusion based upon what I said. Read it again, slowly.

  52. So you didn't read it and resorted to name calling. And now you're creating a red herring fallacy. Have a good night.

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