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Schaub Burns All The Bridges In 'New' Comedy Special Video Leak

C'est magnifique

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  1. I want to see Bale next season haha. He’ll do Tv one day right?

  2. They do this all the time I’m winnin by like 30 in game now it’s jus funny cause I just report and they get banned every time so all that hard work on that account gone

  3. From what I know they don’t get banned. Just suspended unless it’s like a repetitive occurance.

  4. I'm always a bit surprised when people get such low mpg. My '14 GT gets an easy 16-18 even with mostly city driving (to/from work every day, stop lights and school buses every couple hundred feet).

  5. Neither! Save money and buy a used one cash. I say this as a 2015 owner.

  6. Every time I visit California, people are going 100mph on the freeway.

  7. Damn I wish I had a right hand drivers side 😂

  8. Hell yeah. Feels good to win for the first time and every time after that 😂

  9. For whatever reason 100 and 500 wins felt like a big deal. But now only if we are a man or two down, have no loadout, or pull some epic play at the end do I get that same feeling. It’s like a drug tolerance 😂

  10. Agree 100%. I have 1000+ rebirth wins(I play too much but suck) and me and a buddy won a 2 v7* last night and I was so pumped.

  11. Swapped the touchscreen out of a newer Lincoln and reprogrammed on forscan. Watched a lot of YouTube about forscan and read forums. Costly ($500-$600) and time consuming. More of an interior/tech mods person than performance so worth it to me 😁

  12. The Drop with Tom Hardy has a similar end scence where the detective says “I bet they never see you coming” or something to that effect.

  13. Maniac - but they’re already in the future. Advertising seems similar though.

  14. Not exactly but it reminded me of Elysium reading it. Mostly by the living conditions.

  15. Sounds like Netflix’s Jupiter’s legacy. Think it’s based on a comic or graphic novel.

  16. YESSSS!!!!!!!!! You are amazing thank you so much i thought i was going crazy

  17. I also think people need to realize that wrestling and judo give stall calls a lot quicker than BJJ.

  18. Lachlan genuinely seems to enjoy sharing his knowledge also

  19. Then Australians are up to no good. Jk I love them both.

  20. No clue. I’ve done a few amateur mma fights and BJJ matches so I can see the benefit of having no shirt during a fight.

  21. I practice both but just a lowly two stripe blue belt. I know the difference between them but don’t see how that’s relevant to what I’m talking about.

  22. It’s unreal they never brought that back. Night time Rebirth and original night time Verdansk were easily some of the coolest things they ever did. They really need to add something as simple as a night map every now and again.

  23. Even for that bunch of dumbasses at TFATK.. I do not understand why they keep him around. I get that Brenda needs a roid connect, but leave him at the gym

  24. Yeah, I never understood people who constantly mess with the climate controls. I might hit "max AC" for a few minutes to rapidly cool down, but otherwise I set it to auto at 73 degrees and let it be. This is true for both my Mach E and Ford Explorer with physical buttons.

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