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  1. They should enjoy every goddamn minute. And if they aren't enjoying it then make changes. God, if I knew at 20 what I know now... Well, fuck that - if I knew at 50 what I know now.

  2. can I postpone the idea of enjoyment and happiness till my late 20s??? Because Hustling does not permit happiness much

  3. None! They're all true! But you little brats wouldn't know that because you've got it too easy. Why when we were your age... [insert myth, punctuated with a curmudgeonly scowl]

  4. My kids are both in their 20s now, and yes, I remember hearing and feeling that, since they were babies! But each stage is beautiful, and having kids at whatever age for eternity would be awful. I do miss those very young years in some ways, but I'm also glad that part is over with.

  5. The next time I have any middle aged couple someone ask me how to deal with time passing by quick...I shall quote your sentence

  6. Grandchildren are growing waaaay too fast. My oldest is almost seven and is closer to being a teenager than to being an infant. Blows my mind.

  7. Depends on the HSP you ask ;). When it comes to anger I have lived very angry periods in life. Due to circumstances and feeling stuck in them with no way to escape.

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