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  1. There are two beds being rented out at £1600 in my block, so I wouldn't make such dramatic generalisations.

  2. I’d be interested to see if this rents for £1950 or if they have to reduce it. It’s on a fairly busy road, a little bit small (under 60sqm anyway), and doesn’t look like it’s been decorated this decade…

  3. I just cannot buy that he's going to leave the prem right now. It goes against everything Kane had said in the past. I'm not gonna believe shit on this one unless Gold comes out and says something.

  4. I don't know - if Madrid come knocking, it's very hard to turn that down.

  5. I had a roast pork sandwich from these guys! It was very tasty!

  6. I just spent 6 days and I swear my feet are agony, I have like 6 giant blister sprained ankle, and I still didn't see enough of the city 😭

  7. If anyone hasn’t seen Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 it is absolutely worth the £10 on Vimeo. The best stand up special I’ve ever seen.

  8. 100%. It's way better than his Netflix trio - and that's saying something!

  9. Great area with a gritty, hipster, art college vibe. Awesome pubs and restaurants.

  10. I’m a recent bootcamp grad and none of the graduates in my class from January of this year have a job yet. Things are looking real grim and I’m about to take my old job back 😔

  11. I always say that Italians with a proficient enough English level typically have an extremely sophisticated vocabulary when speaking English. Many words that Italians use in everyday speech simply sound more arcane in English. I can't think of many explicit examples right now, but I've heard so many. And it'd make very little sense to me without the requisite Italian knowledge.

  12. My Italian partner always says things like "moreover". They sound like she's speaking how I'd write an essay when at university.

  13. Going on holidays together is quite an achievement. I'm mid 30s and still friends with several people from primary school but amongst the various family and work obligations we'd never dream of trying to arrange a holiday together. It would be amazing though.

  14. Yeah it's awesome! Just been on a city break with my school mates. We're in our 30s.

  15. SE london, seems to be pretty stagnant with houses coming back to the market or getting reduced - I got a pretty broad filter notification on rightmove and sometimes all of the houses I get are reduced rather than new entries

  16. Interesting. Which areas are you looking at? And what price range?

  17. £200-300 p/m. That covers going out. I have an ebike so that takes me most places skipping the tube. Savings with the ebike have been huge you can quickly hit multiple shops for groceries and save and get better stuff. I almost never take the tube. It paid for itself after a year and a bit and I got cycle to work. You also have a great excuse for drinking less and it gets you fit.

  18. You sound like you've got a great lifestyle and have a lot figured out. Enjoy!

  19. My self proclaimed artist sister lives in a warehouse in this area and has done over the last 10 years or so. She speaks about being a creative and artist constantly, yet has next to no art or projects to speak of after about 10 years. She just now just has staggering BO every day and is approaching 30 and getting more unbearable by the year.

  20. Saw an English woman in her seventies, in Tenerife, with three really bad staffie tats on her arm.

  21. I've been here 6 or 7 weeks, just moved here, first time here. My first thought in the cab from Heathrow to Bethnal Green, which I voiced to my partner, "everyone here dresses like they're taking the piss out of the place".

  22. I think that's just hipster art students. Often wear shite from the 90s.

  23. Anyone else think of the insanity of a two bed terrace being nearly half a million pounds?!

  24. Tell me who. Moving into the UK has become a big hassle.

  25. Search for net immigration articles. It was posted a few days ago.

  26. Glasgow. City of gigs and public transport. Also very close to lots of outdoor pursuits.

  27. General intelligence. Think an AI that can do anything like a human rather than a specific task.

  28. I think the food halls are going to become even bigger.

  29. What exactly is one of these? Do you mean a large area with different street food vendors? Or have I completely misunderstood?

  30. It’s the same here in Australia. He owns the streaming service Binge and the pay television service Foxtel. Both have the HBO rights and show succession… minus the censoring

  31. Binge is the most Aussie name for a serious brand.

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