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  1. Just npm run build and npm run start then use a reverse proxy to point the domain at the port. You can use a process manager like PM2 to help as well.

  2. sxan says:

    Maybe. It's a lot easier to be an expert at one language than to be an expert at several. If you're doing any web development, you're most likely looking at having to deal at some level with 4 or 5 prog languages, and a 3 or 4 metadata languages to boot. I've known a couple very competent programmers who couldn't tell me whether the XML spec says attributes are ordered or unordered, and while most have a rudimentary knowledge of SQL, depth starts to fail around complexity of inner vs outer joins. I sympathize with the desire to homogenize the environments; people don't use Node because Javascript is good, they use Node because they know Javascript and have to use it anyway on the front-end. Picking MongoDB because it uses JSON (which, as you know, was directly spawned from Javascript) and Javascript as a query language is a smart thing to do if you're not constrained by other DB needs. It reduces overall complexity of your project, allows you to focus your expertise, allows your developers to spend time deepening their knowledge of their tools (instead of broadening their shallow knowledge of a bunch of different technologies)... it's a perfectly valid justification.

  3. Um, I said you can use an ORM. They allow you to interact with any database in JS if thats what you want. So no idea why you felt the need to go so hard at a point I wasn't even contesting...

  4. Awesome! Congratulations on the launch, it looks really good. I'm sure you'll figure out the marketing too!

  5. Yes, but you'll realise it's actually nothing. All you need to do is spend a couple minutes reading the docs to know what the heck it is and when to use it. Don't need a PhD in them.

  6. Others are diving deeper into this, but I'll just say, this isn't "basic"

  7. The three things you mentioned shouldn't take more than a day or two to fix.

  8. I don't know TBH, if it were me, I would probably just end up using like bootstrap and re structure it from the ground up. Something like that would probably take a few days but that's me, other may try and hack around the current CSS and adjust the markup as needed.

  9. There is a good reason. That design is unique enough that overriding every other bootstrap class would be a pain.

  10. SEO is not really a thing by itself (edit: other than keyword research I guess) and you can't measure its improvement in a scientifically sound way.

  11. Since our small team is distributed, we don't even have traditional daily standups.

  12. Since you already have GA, every request made by that user will have a header with the GA id. You can use that.

  13. But sir i think its because of my English or where i living now (timezone), They still declining me for some reasons.

  14. Ask them why they rejected your application.

  15. Things that actually matter for SEO:

  16. I wish I could agree with you but as someone who has been interning in a tourist company that took full advantage of the algorithm, a lot of content had to have strange wording choices, lists all over place and FAQ for no fucking reason JUST to get placed higher on Google.

  17. Hmm, I believe you, but I doubt that their tracking and A/B testing was completely unbiased (intentionally or not).

  18. Stop procrastinating. Just because you found some issues with Vue doesn't mean react is perfect.

  19. Well I guess you are right. Flipping a coin is a good idea, it's just that I wanted to hear other opinion since it's quite an important choice

  20. It's not an important choice at all.

  21. Transferring a domain and changing nameservers are two different things.

  22. didn't click the link but it's probably the competing standards one, see that's not what I'm about.

  23. I don't know Svelte's story, but the others were made either by companies or by people for their job. Which pretty much aligns with what I said.

  24. But if there was no "hey let's make something better" then those companies wouldn't have been formed (in the cases where the company was formed to create said thing) or wouldn't have put the resources to work on the thing (in the cases where the company already existed and decided to work on the thing)

  25. I'm not trying to win, you aren't reading what I'm saying.

  26. I would guess its the .productCard class thats wrong since you're limiting it to 400px + 100px in height. Try setting the grid-template-rows: 4fr 1fr or leave it unset and give the image 80% height and details 20%. Sorry for the lack of formatting, am on mobile, but I hope you get my point.

  27. It doesn't need to be "random" per se. Just needs to appear random.

  28. I'll give you a hint. fetch() returns a promise.

  29. Okay thanks, looked it up. Apparently you have to deal with the response and everything. This is much more advanced than what I would've expected as homework from my professor.

  30. I think all you really need is an "await" before the fetch.

  31. It's great that you have so much passion and have thought about it a lot.

  32. Thanks for your feedback. I realize that the idea itself is quite vague, but given my complete lack of web dev experience, I don't know what I don't know, or where to begin in even attempting it. Thus why I thought I'd run it by some experienced folks to see what they think of it from a practical perspective. I'm just curious how hard an idea like this would be to implement, and what the practical limitations would be.

  33. It would be quite hard. Limitations? It would be your job to break limitations.

  34. If you want some fun+ informational videos check out Hussein Nasser's youtube channel. High quality stuff there

  35. You're not getting an offer with less money because you're a junior, they're trying to get away with paying you less by calling you one. Cause titles don't mean anything.

  36. You write a lot but don't really say much. Same with the other posts in your history. Maybe you just enjoy writing, but on an online forum you need to be able to get your point across faster.

  37. Job posting requirements don't mean shit. Just apply. Nobody knows what they're writing about other than very few exceptions.

  38. I'd start looking for unsuspecting errors. Like checking if you're looking at the right link, if you've changed it in the same place that you're checking, or if the data being sent is not the same, etc.

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