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  1. I hate to break it to you, but it's impossible not to get the tile line. Best you can do is prolong how long it is til it comes back.

  2. I see thanks bro, I’m in LA area, yea it can get in high 90’s in the summer for sure. But from the chlorinating methods, do you like salt? Or are you a liquid chlorine guy, or tablet, or cal hypo? I’ve been on tablets for a long time but my CYA has skyrocketed to like 350 so I wanted to make the change to liquid during cold weather and salt

  3. Yes and no. Salt has its pros and cons. I like it in the sense of not having to dump a ton of chlorine in except in the hottest months. But I don't like how much pH will fluctuate with it, or telling my clients just how much it'll run them to replace a cell when it dies every 3-5 years. I default to tabs personally. Every type of chlorine has its down sides: liquid is expensive and high in pH. Cal Hypo is high in calcium as a by product. Di chlor is high in Cya. Tabs are the least problematic over all even though they have a significant down side. However, by using enzymes and phosphate removers, I'm able to keep my tab usage low. That and most of my pools I keep on a very strict drain schedule: 7 years for in town pools, 3-5 years for field pools (most of my clients are in ag).

  4. I see hmmm....yea the Ph issue is the main problem with salt, but according to many posts and videos, you can buffer the ph increase with Boric Acid, and keep it more manageable and from spiking up too high, what do you think about the boric acid as the buffer? I got my salt system (not yet installed), salt bags, and the boric acid, but currently have been strictly on liquid chlorine for about 6 months. Luckily i haven't need to use much due to being cold weather in LA, but i know it'll warm up and get hot soon. So i'm just trying to see what the best options are :(

  5. Yeah essentially you got it. Center is responsible for supporting a 200ft game. They are back helping the D and then supporting the rush and driving the line during time in the zone.

  6. It's basically because in most training kids are taught to have their dominant hand on the top of the stick. So just naturally many more kids grow up as a left handed shot.

  7. But I’ve read that depends on the country, in Canada they often say to put the dominant hand on top but in the US, they would say to put the dominant hand on the shaft more, but given how most players are from Canada, it only makes sense since still Canadians make up close to 50%, while Americans are just over 25%.

  8. That shotcrete looks terrible! I’d be more concerned with that than the step height…

  9. Should they look more smooth? Than crumbly looking? I was wondering about that too

  10. Doesn’t look right to me. If you’re not happy make them fix it.

  11. How do they go about fixing this? You still need rebar right? Drill and rebar and tie and make it unit a square step then apply gunite? What do you do here?

  12. Well, considering he’s old, and the team is on the fence about bringing him back or going younger in net, the fact hwas disappointed in not getting traded at the deadline, the pride thing probably already removed the slim chance he returns. And for the record, I want Reimer back, so GTFO with that shit. But the fact of the matter is the fans most likely don’t want him back.

  13. It’s because he sucks, nothing to do with pride shit, so why you even bringing it up?

  14. Cuz, given it’s the Bay Area, I don’t see them offering the guy. If it’s a 50/50 decision to start, that pride thing probably then makes it less than 50/50 cuz of public opinion/fan happiness. He also doesn’t suck. He was the reason last year was a decent year at the beginning. It was when he got hurt that shit started spiraling outta control last year. Plus, he’s gotten no help this year

  15. no sir, Reimer has never been a starter goalie IMO, he's a good backup, but not something who can lead the team to wins

  16. I don't need CNN, my man. I lived through it. I was literally there. You were too which is why this is so awkward. Let me tell you a little secret about economics though, Presidents inherit the economy of their predecessor. These things take a while to get set in motion, just like inflation. Read sometime.

  17. weird how it went up, but did you make sure to drain from the deep end? it's always best to drain from the deepest end of your pool

  18. Is it just me or I feel good whenever I’m in a fully stocked hardware store or showroom? I just love the view of a fully stocked power tool shelf

  19. Have you considered switching to a rolling Packout base and using the Packout work tabletop? That might be an ideal setup for you

  20. Pack out is just too big for most people unless you work as a construction worker loading up a lot of tools

  21. Stock I like to use for sauces while broth I would use for soups and stews where you need couple cups of it

  22. The GX is more Lexus’ equivalent to the 4Runner in North America, no? It’s a rebadged luxury trim of the Prado, which itself is sort of the Land Cruiser Lite.

  23. Current GX only comes with a V8 while the 4Runner only comes with the V6 despite sharing the same platform and debuting the same year. Wouldn’t be out of the realm for Toyota to do this

  24. I’m pretty sure next GX generation, it’ll be V6, because current GX Gen has been around forever that’s the only reason it’s still a v8, I’m sure the next Gen will not be offering v8, probably some stupid v6 or electric bs

  25. Yea GX is more like 4Runner, and Sequioa I say is close to LX. Isn’t Land Cruiser discontinued in the NA market now?

  26. never heard of this brand, are they bad? the quality of their clothes not good?

  27. The quality is shit. They make a lot of NCAA gear and it falls apart quickly

  28. Honestly? As a parent of kids growing up in a city (and with public transit) knowing not to engage or make eye contact with crazy people is a life skill.

  29. It's called peripheral vision. In a much deeper, "lizard" part of the brain, eye contact is associated with aggression. The last thing you want to do with someone who can't properly use their higher level thinking is to suggest to them that you are a threat.

  30. No sorry, I’m not gonna keep my eye off somebody who’s in my face and close to my family, only a coward like you would do that

  31. lol dang....i wonder if it's even in the purchase agreement, but im guessing it's the buyer's responsibility to spot it, and ask for credit possibly if they know it's not good piping and gotta spend money to replace them all

  32. Good news: they replaced about 8” of it with pex up at the top of the manifold.

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