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Johnny Gaudreau will be signing with the Columbus Blue Jackets

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Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Victims of Gun Violence to Sue Gun Manufacturers

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  1. For extra context, the CEO of Shell received a salary of 1.75 million and a bonus of 2.82 million in 2021.

  2. For even more context, the people above me are doing what is called "math"

  3. When a two people become friends, and one has romantic feelings to the other, but the other is happy being friends.

  4. Why are you literally describing the "friendzone" while simultaneously saying that it doesn't exist?

  5. So you're saying that you've been successfully put in the friendzone.

  6. How does that compare to the national average? Racial bias is absolutely a problem and systemic in the justice system, but I'm curious if Boulder is far worse, far better, or the same compared to the rest of the country.

  7. According to the study "if Boulder County were a state it would rank 4th in the nation" for imprisonment disparities between whites and Latinos.

  8. Code enforcement for weeds is absurd. It feels like every year we get a weed citation for a handful of barely over 12" prickly lettuce after being out of town for a few weeks. It doesn't help that half the time talking to them they don't know what plants are; they asked if my daylilies were grass!

  9. Rosa has only been finished once. Why create bad openings looking for something that is statistically and historically against you?

  10. What the hell are you talking about?

  11. Probably because fucked hips he has

  12. My new Macbook Pro arrived in Oakland overnight. Fuck these guys. Set my Macbook free you assholes.

  13. It’s not the gas prices as much as the lack of competition between gas stations

  14. I'm pretty sure that's because the actual markup at the pump is pretty thin. Just because some gas stations in Firestone are willing to sell it at a loss doesn't mean that other small stations in Boulder should.

  15. Have you considered that this is a hypothetical that is meant to call out how jacked up Boulder gas prices are?

  16. Hypothetically, my time is still more valuable.

  17. Or just use your debit card since surcharges cannot be added to them..

  18. and bypass all the protections that CCs offer over a debit card?

  19. If they didnt SUCCESSFULLY recover the onside, the saints would have not accepted the penalty and taken the ball.

  20. Schrodinger's Onside . . . it both exists and doesn't exist at the same time.

  21. It's almost as if it's in the title of the post . . .

  22. Could be as simple as an insurance issue. Could be they want to renovate the building. Could be they bought it to open their own restaurant. Most likely not sinister at all.

  23. But even if they solely purchased the building to shut down Shooters . . . . Hey! That's Capitalism baby!

  24. Ouch! Nice burn, Fella. /s Is that somehow intended to mean Capitalism is bad, yet socialism, such as in state owned property, would be good? Such an action technically would not be considered Capitalism, as Capitalism is defined by private ownership of industry and trade for profit. Thus, if the new owners didn’t have alternative means of generating profit with the property and simply didn’t renew the lease for activist, political, social, etc. reasons, as I theorized in my initial post, then they are technically not making decisions based upon earning profits…which would otherwise be Capitalistic behavior when profiting. Profit is key here.

  25. This guy hates Canada if he’s going to CBJ instead of CGY for 8x10.5M

  26. There's 23 other teams he could have played for that don't require him to live in Ohio.

  27. Its gotta be living in Canada I guess, he wanted to gtfo

  28. There's like 23 other teams where you can leave Canada and not have to live in Ohio.

  29. Sometimes people are just off. Not a fighter and never really trained, but if I'm equating it to Call of Duty... sometimes I'm a 50-5 player, other times I'm a 15-25 player. Shit happens.

  30. On our first cruise we ended up at a dining table with strangers all older than us. For them it wasn't how much you made but how many cruises you had been on. Some were offering advice, but some were simply scoring points. One night I got out my room card for a waiter and one couple was all "why is your card GOLD?" I said we were concierge class. Suddenly they did not want to impress us with their seven cruises. It was not that big a deal, but somehow it headed them off.

  31. Oh yeah, C&A Status flexing is a HUGE thing, totally agreed. People are oddly proud of it.

  32. Wow, what an elitist SOB. So tell us, is the solid gold caviar tasty?

  33. For sure. But I think it's still a fair quick and dirty distillation.

  34. I could see a lawsuit against a gun manufacturer deflect it into the ammunitions manufacturer if it gets serious. "The gun never hurt nobody. It was that pesky bullet in a rush to cause trouble."

  35. It wasn't the bullet, it was the pesky people at the metal foundry.

  36. weird the guy that bought the car company that cannot seem to manufacture a single car without recall also bought a rrrrrrrrocketship company that cant do anything right either

  37. You do realize that SpaceX has actually delivered equipment and astronauts into space and is making significant progress in rocketry and other space sciences. You do know that, right?

  38. The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime fits that bill. It's decent. Not amazing, but decent.

  39. I cannot understand what judges see sometimes.

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