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  1. When you ask a nord where his supposed "civilization" is he points at a picturebook of cities that no longer exist

  2. And Imperials point to cities that Elves built.

  3. I mean it's only partially true, the Imperial City does fit the bill (albeit with many additions that came after the Alessian Rebellion, such as the Temple of the One) but most other counties and cities at best have some Ayleid Ruins laying about with a few structures here and there. And Rimmen in Elsweyr was only built by the Akaviri that got kicked out of Cyrodiil lmao

  4. Rimmen wasn't built by Akaviri, what are you talking about

  5. Bruh, she's just smart and not used to being a queen

  6. guessing the original says "male skeleton" even though you literally learn in archaeology that it's difficult to sex a skeleton

  7. High Priest, I assure you, huge cleavages are essential for proper rituals of our cults

  8. He was smart enough to be the sole reason for a race to be wiped out.

  9. He was though without him, the nords wouldnt have been able to dominate the battles

  10. Wait is this a feature or a bug? Never played vampires in WH3

  11. "but should also make me wish someone made your book into am RPG"

  12. Amazing as always. Would be cool to also see them holding some of Akaviri weapons like tanto or daikatana

  13. If that’s the case we better find a certain love letter hidden in the game somewhere.

  14. C0DA is fine but only if you treat it as fanfiction, do not under any circumstances let that story near the games

  15. "You make your way" "MAKING MY WAY"

  16. Watching C1 and it hurts every time someone says "making my way" and there's no song

  17. You know what also doesn't make sense, The fact that the cult somehow got the braclet and the main medjay dude hasn't even been mentioned there was an entire season dedicated to him getting that bracelet back and bam just suddenly he doesn't care..

  18. Medjay died on the way to his home planet

  19. Religions tend to have that effect on people, "you can leave at anytime" can sometimes translate to "go ahead, leave everyone you know behind. We won't come looking for you."

  20. Still not a slavery. Dooku left just fine

  21. Dooku was also was the count of a planet

  22. So? He would be fine anyway. Stop acting like there was a problem with unemployment for former Jedi. In this universe even a clone soldier managed to find a wife and become a happy farmer just after the war started

  23. Doesn't meat that didn't have eye sockets though

  24. Can't wait to see Travis suffer through the backstory he never planned to visit

  25. That's me in my last campaign when GM put my throwaway backstory in action in first 30 minutes

  26. It's even sillier that by resetting perks you can apply the stat boost twice :)

  27. Make a cat stop doing something? Yeah right...

  28. Are we still in simping for Rhaegea phase?

  29. They are all dead, why people wouldn't just make up their own better names for those

  30. "I just conquered all of Europe, so of course this empire will last forever! Otherwise it would be bad game design." -- Napoleon

  31. What this has to do with lasting forever, if the post is about creating Hispania empire?

  32. Why do you care about creating Hispania empire? Because it won't be partitioned, that's the only reason. In other words, so it will last forever.

  33. What? There are many reasons to increase your rank. What a weird take

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