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Citizens chant "CCP, step down" and "Xi Jinping, step down" in the streets of Shanghai, China

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A boy in Bangladesh risked his life when he jumped into a flood-swollen river to save a fawn from drowning. The boy, Belal, disappeared and onlookers feared the worst — until he resurfaced, holding the tiny fawn safe above his head. Belal’s heroism was noticed by an photographer who took this shot.

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Elon Musk sent this to Twitter employees on Wednesday

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  1. When the internet first became big you commonly heard that online sources were shit because anyone can post anything with no verification or corroboration.

  2. I grew up hearing about how video games and everything technologically new was going to rot our brains from our parents generation….

  3. The classic ‘real communism’ hasn’t been tried yet

  4. It’s just going to get worse from here on in, isn’t it?

  5. Not if everyone just skips to the part where we all agree its time to get off most social media platforms like twitter and particularly agree its culturally abhorrent to share shit across them like we are thirsty updoot seekers.

  6. Been there, done that. Well not Reddit obviously.

  7. Said it before, I'll say it again: CCP needs to introduce Allegiance system for Corp/Individuals to be able to join FW as soon as possible. Uprising seem to be enjoying good success so far, but there's a lot hinging on that coming sooner rather than later to properly cement the success of this expansion and to retain interest long term.

  8. It will come once FW eventually becomes a solved loop that goes nowhere and everyone goes back to being bored.

  9. The thought that always lingers for me is, someday there will be a Donald J Trump presidential library. Where will it even be? Mar a lago? Midtown Manhattan? Will it just be a bunch of terminals full of archived tweets and a small room of taped back together documents fished from the trash? Will it be tiny, yet take 10 years and $300 million to build?

  10. Im hoping in 100 years all thats talked about how this one time, there was this just really fucking weird guy in the oval office for one term who is known as the only President who didn’t have a dog, and didn’t decorate for xmas.

  11. This is why I spend so much time in my head. I hate the world around me sometimes. The land of imagination is much better than reality.

  12. Be honest, in your head for real or on your phone/internet reading about all the shit?

  13. Am I the only one wondering why the asshole with the camera isnt helping the kid who is near drowning?

  14. Stop talking out of your ass. It's clear that people aren't buying their high end cards. You think they're going to keep creating gpus that the average person won't buy? They'll either have to come up with a more accessible option or new competition will come in and steal the market share. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot by standing by a statement that while true has only been true for this new generation that nobody is buying? Nvidia can become the new high end gpu place but they will have to completely change their company to be able to sustain lowered sales.

  15. Also, meaning no disrespect, eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. Our memories are hilariously fallible in some impressive ways.

  16. My cousin from Seattle had actual legends and antiquity cards while none of us far away from Wizards in Florida could ever find those packs.

  17. Yea the ones from yesterday ended at 3am. Guess that was if for mtg black friday. Maybe Cyber Monday will be round 2.

  18. "cannot" --> Chooses not to grasp. He's not stupid, he's just obstinately evil.

  19. I once saw 400 milions go up in flames like that.

  20. That decision you make once your cargo is worth a few hundred milly to just do those last 2 sites, I mean you took the time to scan them down right?…. Roll the dice!

  21. For pure exploration t3c/stratios have no advantage over the various explo-capable frigs but come with the huge disadvantage of being a bigger, juicier and much easier to catch target.

  22. You mostly nailed the t3c but if your nomad style includes wanting to do some solo pvp also then its worth the risk

  23. I really hope some, let's say "act of god", causes massive fucking blackouts in Moscow in the middle of winter. That's the only way people over there will understand

  24. No they wont understand. They will blame NATO for it and it will do the same thing it does everywhere hardship befalls any human being; entrench their thinking. It doesn't get them to change their minds.

  25. Ottoman Egypt was fairly prosperous until the industrial revolution. That's where it all went wrong. The Ottomans were very late in embracing technical, social, and economic change which led them into stagnation.

  26. Kinda sad they couldn’t quite hold on long enough to realize the petrol wealth they were sitting on top of would have catapulted them to legendary status in the second half of the 20th century.

  27. Yea I mean, I shouldn’t presume their would be less turmoil and suffering in the middle east if westerners didnt come along to carve it up after world war 1.

  28. Why do I worry Russia will use the map to coordinate strikes?

  29. They can't coordinate anything. The ordinance they're sending is just random at this point.

  30. What do you mean.. Asta and all sort of stations have new hangars.

  31. This might be correct. Low rated sellers are usually avoided by a lot of buyers.

  32. Because we don't allow fake cards. Bit principled, I agree. But if you allow proxies, why not put all moxes and lotus in your deck and go to town? The floodgates have opened. That's why we disallowed them.

  33. Im with you buddy! In my house, we dont allow anyone at our kitchen table with boston redsox stuff on either! Right on my man.

  34. Not really. I would buy a whole lot more skins if I knew that they won't be wasted in few weeks/months due to doctrine change or simply because I grew bored of a certain ship. I think more people would see it that way

  35. Yeah game development sounds fun but it’s an absolute shitshow of an industry

  36. I’ve spent over 15 years in the games industry and if you avoid the big publishers with the big titles, you can avoid that culture entirely.

  37. That tends to be the case with most video game subreddits it seems.

  38. How else will any of us know what we are supposed to hate about the things we love without subreddits to tell us so?

  39. More frustrating, how many Republican women with actual vagina's themselves can't foresee how a wide wide wide array of womens health issues can get really problematic when you put in hard anti abortion laws!

  40. Here's russias temper tantrum again. With what missiles they have left

  41. These shows of force only achieve success inside russia’s hardcore nationalist support structure. Without these “strong and heinous” narratives they have nothing else to leverage as any kind of success. All they have is optics because any actual strategic success is so far out of reach.

  42. Just go for it! I personally am a salvager who is constantly watching the maps for battles or expensive kills happening near me. You can make a very nice living stealing other peoples hard work and you have the constant entertainment of trying to jump into the middle of a battle steal all the loot and escape before anyone can catch you! The ways to steal other peoples hard work and get away with the loot is as varied and time consuming as you make it.With a constant stream of isk and hate mail I make a very solid and fulfilling living off roughly a hours worth of playing a day.

  43. Ive been playing eve for over a decade and I never really looked into this lifestyle. Most people who have found a workflow setup to do it reliably are very tight lipped about how one gets into this sorta thang!

  44. Lol its very simple. Just throw away you morals and become the flying scum of eve. Just search your map for ships destroyed in the last hour and look for concentrations of kills. Once you find a concentration of destroyed ships you get on to find out what was destroyed and where. You then get in a fast ship with tractor beams and salvagers and fly as fast to the location as possible. You take everything that's not nailed down and get out as quickly as possible if the fightings ongoing and jam anyone who trys to stop you! Watch the salt flow in and sell your loot! Tadaa scum of eve 101!

  45. If you are going 28 jumps deep into some null alliances space how are you not getting blown up before you ever get there, and how often is the field empty when you finally do?

  46. This is getting sucky if you buy a couple of these to crack with a friend for 60 bucks now…. When we are starting to see entire draft boosters from this same era being fire sold for about 70….

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