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  1. Let’s say Biden swaps her out for 2024. Who are the leading candidates?

  2. Hakeem Jefferies seems like a well rounded guy. There would be heavy criticism of him being a Obama replica & why he was picked.

  3. “He’s not cool. I mean ive never met him or bill gates or Kobe or Jordan. But I know lebron isn’t cool. I Can imagine what it’s like to hang out with rich celebrities and in my head cannon, lebron just isn’t that cool or interesting. In my imagination, Kobe is the coolest”

  4. Kobe do seem the most approachable and able to converse with if you're a regular person. Lebron do here & there converse with fans on the sideline and he seems decent.

  5. Man Kobe was infamously impersonal and distant from 99% of his teammates. How in the world does he seem more approachable lmao

  6. I'd definitely say I'm a casual but from what I seen of em, kobe seems hed be the most cool I'd approach out of LBJ & MJ. I decided to search reddit threads of people claiming to have met them and they all seem to have plenty of cool moments with fans outside of the NBA.

  7. He is a talentless sycophant, he is painful to watch. It’s the lack of sincerity that really sets him apart.

  8. May just be how he is. His early stuff hed laugh before he can get the joke out. Hes just giddy.

  9. That's politics. Its big money behind major parties & It takes big money to run a election campaign. It should be more of a big deal given they will look to do favors, if not be on a leash for these big money players.

  10. Foreign pathogens has been responsible for near extinction of groups. Pathogens kill off animals groups as well. They are peak Apex predator really.

  11. RWB 4 Gordon Hayward + other asset(s) is about the only thing that makes the most sense.. Last I seen reported the hornets were looking to dump some of these players to make room for lamello & bridges contracts. Idk if that still in play.

  12. I'm oblivious to those Raptors players but Hayward, Rozier is worth pursuing imo. & if another young player, picks or even Plumlee can be added then do it.

  13. Hayward a guy on a bad contract that rarely sees the court and Rozier another undersized guard that can’t play defense and is also on a bad contract? These would be horrible adds

  14. You're rarely going to find the perfect player(s). Tho I can understand not wanting Gordon for the reason you listed. It can turn out good or mediocre.

  15. Covid deaths ≠ Deaths caused by the vaccine. The latter was your claim, not the former.

  16. I was attempting some type of reverse psychology. Many anti covid vaxxers have ignored the high casualties from covid while being paranoid about mass casualties from vaccines, which there is none ... atleast yet. So the scheme is I cited covid deaths as vaccine deaths to try to make a point that there is population reduction happening right now from covid that we are neglecting.

  17. Unusual tactic, that's for sure, but okay. So yes, I do agree with you on the fact that close to 7 million people have died from the virus itself.

  18. Lol. On Jan 21 this year the covid death ttacker reported 13K covid deaths. Picture if it was reported that the vaccine killed 13K people in one day.. antivaxxers would be livid and would want head to rolls. we are in weird area where one side says vaccine can save lives and the other side says the vaccine is going to kill you.. but if the science is indeed right, vaccines are mostly safe and saving lives then that means antivaxxers have some credit for depopulation.. which is ironic.

  19. I don’t see Luka and Kyrie working well together. Much like Russ and LBJ, there aren’t enough 🏀 on the court to go around.

  20. It's not like Kyrie hasn't played side by side with three of the greatest ball dominant scorers of all time. Winning a ring with one and some moderate success playing with KD & Harden, which they only failed to win a championship is because of injuries.

  21. "Many people"? My opinion is you've been psyop'd by those "many people" if you don't think Jesus is a historical figure. Christianity as a religion is just a construct by which to spread those historical teachings. What are you even on about?

  22. Very little, arguably no evidence of Jesus outside of the bible. If I recall corrected there is one or two reliable historians who cited Jesus but they lived shortly after Jesus's death.

  23. Three, two Romans and a Jew. Neither group would have any reason to lie about a man their respective religions and cultures weren’t very fond of.

  24. Possibly he lived.. and possibly he was just a ordinary person/teacher too also. Strange how Islam & Judaism view Jesus differently to Christianity. Could Jesus been a small time cult leader? That could explain somethings.

  25. You do realize more than 1 person posts on reddit? Meaning you get different opinions. So damn stupid seeing people say shit like this all the time.

  26. You're right but people that are political & highly invested are hypocrites tho ... the agendas & and emotions have been blatant since Maga man arrival, but there are non political/objective people as well and we/people get to defensive when someone goes against the grain.

  27. Now I'm wondering... is it about watching a mouse get killed, or making someone do something they are morally squeamish with? I can see that being a real psycho power trip.

  28. I was informed by a coworker that it is a thing on the dark web, I guess it's like gore porn to people of woman in heels stepping on rabbits :( .

  29. Im starting to think the US should stay out of Chinas way. It may be the lesser of two evils.

  30. It's about getting power and engineering society to fit their agenda, it is not about money anymore because they have plenty already and rather use it as a means than an end. Of course none of these things they do make sense if it was just about the money, which it isn't, but you have to accept a lot of scary and inconvenient truths to understand this which is very hard to do for a lot of normies who've been brainwashed their entire lives. They really want to keep thinking the government and media are mostly good and don't wish to do them harm, when it's the opposite.

  31. Disney is following what trendys. Like a hundred years or so ago they were doing racist Black, Chinese, Jew cartoons because that was just the time where it was normal and to do. You are acting like Disney is currently pushing Something sinister. Gays, minorities is scary ?

  32. If the Lakers go through with this, they will be spitting on the legacy of Kareem. We are better than Kyrie. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

  33. Kyrie is a all time great that still in prime. Its hard to pass up given the lack of success previously, currently, and the upcoming years

  34. It's worth it. Give both of em for Kyrie, Harris and or seth. With them you are set on your first string and second string. If one star gets injured, you are still good and can win games.

  35. Making bugs into food and getting people to stop eating meat is an agenda being pushed. The hateful are the ones defending it.

  36. There is agendas pushed from every angle because there is big money interest in almost every facade of these issues. There are good intentions & bad intentions from corporate & government.

  37. You can compare both people. One thing you can't deny is that biden is a career politician. Selling dreams while his druggie son films himself smoking crack and make background deals for his dad. In the 1980s, biden was an advocate for stricter sentencing for crack possession and dealing, not cocaine. Keep sucking that biden dick...

  38. Trump is a career conman.. runs a bs college, sell bs low quality steaks as premium A1 stuff, I think he attempted to bribe politicians to stop a competitor casino from opening, hires illegal migrants, pockets charity funds, tell me where the +200M he raised from his stolen election lie ? .. milking his gullible loyal followers in anyway he can. But yeah hunter Biden, a grown man & private citizen smoking crack in foreign countries is the big issue here.

  39. Yeah I was referring to the photos of him with his dead brothers daughter. I don't know if they were real or photoshopped and we will never know because he won't get charged with anything because the Bidens are obviously above the law.

  40. I'm unaware of this one. I'll look into this. There was other photo of Hunter with a underage looking asian girl at some type of sucky fucky spot.

  41. Anna Paulina very much disturbs me and I hope her political career is short lived. Pretty woman tho.

  42. Biden was VP for EIGHT YEARS before Trump was president, and everything happening in Ukraine right now is a direct result of what Biden/Obama put in action in 2013-14 or so.

  43. "The extent of the Obama administration’s meddling in Ukraine’s politics was breathtaking. ... Washington’s conduct not only constituted meddling, it bordered on micromanagement."

  44. I read this sometime ago. The US meddled. But as I understood it, they didnt initiate or have a hand in the unrest & coop. There was unpopularity with the Ukraine's prime minister. Other source I read, the people of Ukraine wanted pro west relations and they didnt not like the PM rejecting it and going with pro russia relations & trade

  45. I grew up in Florida and didn't understand how a gas stove worked because I'd never been around one. When I found out in college people were literally lighting their stove tops with a match it felt like I'd gone back in time 100 years.

  46. It's a wedge issue with Republicans in general because it came from liberals. Desantis in particular tho has been rampant with his virtue signaling bucking the left's agendas.

  47. the part I find even dumber than that, was that this all started from a report saying that the gas stoves leak harmful emissions in the house even when off and measured the level of emissions. In 2009 a group did a study testing the brain development of children exposed to gas stoves for multiple years versus electric stoves that showed a slight decrease in performance and an increase chance of developing ADHD.

  48. Saw a tiktok that claimed a snake plant or it's called shark plant can mitigate most of the harmful effects from a gas stove. I been BS'n on buying them since I saw that tiktok a long while ago, smh.

  49. Blackmail controls 100% of people in power. 100%. No one ever ends up in any position of power until an effective way to keep that person under control has been created.

  50. As a corrupt Denzel said in training day to the do-gooder Jake Hoyt 'you got to have a little dirt on you for anyone to trust you'

  51. Theres is no God. Intelligent beings created us, are among us, pulling the strings and are either toying, studying or using us for our energy. & we are one of millions of beings in the universe and we are not important in the grand scheme.

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