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  1. I would straight up start working on my tell-all book or even airing dirty laundry on the show if he doesn't get a loan on the she-rah chateau (I got that from some SW podcasts, I don't know who to credit lol) and make things right for Janelle. I would feel like such an ahole living in that massive place with kody while Janelle was in an RV with no water or electric hookups.

  2. especially seeing as how she was over the finances all those years. how did she allow that to happen? 😔

  3. I think he has treated her all along as his friend with benefits and kid-maker but she was likely treated at least as basement-wife as Christine even if she didn't have to live in the basement. Emotional and respect basement perhaps. No wonder he was pushing the one big house - then it would be much more difficult for anyone to have anything separate in their name and thus make it harder to leave and take assets with her. No doubt he played the 'but-we're-so-on-the-same-page-mentally-you're-my-confidante-I-trust-you-you-re-special-in-that-way" BS manipulation with Janelle all along. He must have thought Christine was such a pushover that would never leave it was 'safe' for her to have the coyote house in her name only, but not Janelle. She has the right to be super pissed-off. Men pull this crap all the time in various ways not just on polyg TV shows.

  4. what about that bitter little laugh that she and kody both do after they say something sarcastic or bitter?It really makes them sound like total aholes.I hope the kids dont pick it up as well. Already freaked at hearing the young daughter saying something about a schoolmate "had a man but he cut her off" and how she was "engaged". WTF

  5. She's trying to pull the oh look at me, I'm the long-suffering, stand by your man stalwart wife but it doesn't come across as that. besides she cannot really play that when it sure looks like she got the best deal out of everyone and I'm not talking about having him around.

  6. yes that and this other forum originally called 'television without pity' which got sold and I think all our old posts were gone. Then there was some other forum that followed TWOP that I don't know is still up or remember the name of....

  7. Yes totally, I just posted on another thread how I'm pissed for Janelle that she contributed all this to the purchase of christine's and #4's homes but she has nothing in her name and no doubt christine's ex still wants her fake on-board with the family just to get whatever income she has. At least she is finally speaking up rather than constantly making excuses like "oh he just does this, it's fine etc' for years on end.

  8. Narcissist don’t treat anyone with respect. I do believe he realizes that Christine was the heart of the family. That’s why he made the snarky pied pipper comment to her about the kids. He does feel different about Christine then he does Meri and that’s what I think is causing the mean girl reaction from Meri.

  9. He 'loved' her more when she was his cheerleader and for the lifestyle. Now he resents her I don't think for leaving but for taking the sale of the house money with her (he was lucky she generously gifted him her coyote pass plot) and for the fact he thinks it makes him look bad. As if they all stick around they must all be happy in this way of life. Turns out not so much. If someone only loves you when you do what they want, that's not really loving that person for who they are and thinking of their needs now is it? I'm not sure what was her breaking point, if it was him not going to the surgery or if that was just the straw that broke the camel's back but I would love to hear her tell it.

  10. Well theres also ya fuck poop... but we will leave that out.

  11. Like I said before, with all the surgery and fillers,her final form will be imelda marcos

  12. Time for a tell-all book, perhaps Christine can contribute to the stories- might as well strike while the iron is hot they say. There's no love lost between J&C and the remaining adults so why not? The kids would get over it, they have had their lives discussed publicly for years now. There are ways to 'dish the dirt' whilst doing it in at least a semi-classy way to lessen the cringe factor. I know I'd buy a copy and I'm sure many others here would as well. Let whatshisname threaten to sue, he won't because he can't afford it and even if he could afford the attorney, he would lose because it doesn't meet the standard for slander or libel if it's true. He made up some BS to Christine about the state taking custody of Truly if she moved away but it was just that, made up in order to intimidate. He's a BS artist par excellence who tells one story to one person, and another to the next person. Ladies stop worrying about what he is going to think, feel or do. Do what is going to help YOU at this point.

  13. They're friends with woody allen so I suppose they aren't that worried about those kind of people.

  14. Something must be done about the privileged Boston children of doctors and lawyers with this unknown ESL problem. Studies must be done. It might lead to multiple personalities if left untreated. Why isn't this a thing? Why isn't there a foundation? How do we make people care about this?

  15. Oh boy, having to constantly reassure someone even when you have always been on time. If they wanted predictability and nothing to ever go wrong, I'm wondering why they had kids lol . I'm glad you didn't agree to go in early, I might not have minded this crew not acknowledging me with all this micromanagey sorta OCD stuff projected onto you. They will probably keep bundling up the child as it is likely one of their little rituals meant to make them feel like they are in control of things. It really comes down to whether you can blow off these things or whether it's going to bother you too much. Meanwhile, they absolutely need to have backup care in case you're sick or the dentist or whatever.

  16. Agree, this is the family trying to get out of GH by trying to intimidate nanny with legalese. If this is the way it's going to be with these people I would hand in my notice or use up all my PTO first , make sure I get the week's pay before they leave, then email them about quitting. If they want to split hairs over language then nanny can make this work for her too. The "mutual consent" doesn't really apply to quitting. MB has it all wrong re notice and vacations, the whole point of why GH exists is for situations like this so nanny doesn't have to seek another position and be out pay while she is technically still available for the family, GH kicks in when it is **their (NF)**decision to not need nanny.

  17. this is why i personally don't do GH - banking hours is illegal - i just work my hours they need me and get paid hourly ... i value my time so not having GH allows me to have a firmer boundary as to my hours and let's me not feel bad if they're paying me for time they're not around - i'm weird in my contracts lol

  18. GH is not the same salary where people get taken advantage of.Why would you feel guilty if you have hours reserved for them and they effectively cancel on you? It's different if it is you who cancels, so you use PTO or sick time not GH. I dont see how you win not having GH

  19. I text her and then blocked her number lol. I might unblock it tomorrow to sort out pay but today I was done with her.

  20. thank you for standing up to a bully. She got this way because it worked in the past, likely more than once. If we tell her to basically go fk herself then she might still technically be an asshole but she will think more carefully of acting like one outwardly next time which helps us ALL out.

  21. The fact that she waited till Sunday night , the day before you go back to work to give this ultimatum is telling - she thought you would buckle under pressure and just give it to her out of desperation, or she didn't want the job or got a different one she preferred and didn't have the balls to just bail on you so she made up something that would start a conflict where she could bail out or you would, or she went back to her previous employer or just got some other type gig entirely. This seems really off, thinking the 2 days of trial constituted a GH week.

  22. Overwhelmed with what? She’s unemployed, super rich and has a million Nannies

  23. seriously this, cry me a fucking river plus the "we are having meeting" faux ESL bs again. Someone needs to make billboards 'still not Spanish' or put the truth out so much that she's going to feel very weird perpetuating this nonsense.

  24. Sorry that happened to you! If this happened to me when I was young I would have been seriously freaked out. Now, I would probably laugh at him and tell him to go put his pants on like a big boy and don't let it happen again or I'll tell mother (aka wife).

  25. let your hair be a little dirty or even put some argan oil in it and braid it , maybe put it up with some clips. Lice don't like dirty hair, for some reason they really like clean fluffy hair. Maybe because it's easier to attach to , I forgot the reason but it's true. You could also wear your hair under one of those little nylon caps they have at the dollar store , those are also good to sleep in to prevent frizzies.

  26. Ugh this sounds like a former MB of mine and I wasn't even hired as a "mother's helper." I was hired as a nanny and she just happened to be a SAHM. She was very pushy about "taking initiative" and "being proactive" but would give very vague instructions and then get upset when I did it s certain way. People who know they're very particular and opinionated about things need to just do things themselves or learn how to give very detailed direction.

  27. Ugh buzzwords and corporate-speak. I think a lot of new parents are just in a panic because although they are successful out in the world they realize on some level they don't know what they're doing and are in over their head- but won't admit it, hence micromanaging/control issues.

  28. They straight up sound like a 7th grader. BTW it's 'supportive husband' not 'supporting', lol

  29. Now now, English is her second language. How you say in English? Ehhh, supporting??

  30. They need to take this kid to the Dr. I bet this kid does this all the time not just when you're there. Some kids even make themselves sick but you don't mention any other issue either mentally or physically like allergies or being on the spectrum ( I had one ASD kid who would do worse things to himself than make himself sick) . There is some terrible thing people get called something like cyclic vomiting syndrome but I've only heard of it, I don't know all about it. I suppose the darkest scenario would be munchausen's by proxy by one of the parents. It's also totally not your fault. Hope they get that kid to the pediatrician soon.

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