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  1. That 4 day difference sure made a big impact /s, especially when a lot of countries didn't do shit for months until March despite knowing about it since December 31st

  2. Having a global disaster that ushers in an age of science fiction be announced on the absolute last day of a decade is absolutely lazy and terrible writing. Whoever came up with that idea should be fired.

  3. Wait til you see what the writers have planned for the rise of the machines.

  4. "Being a background character in a Transformers movie" wasn't an option in career day when I was little. (I know that's a Terminator reference but vehicles >>> humanoids)

  5. Never knew japan was white but russia wasn't.

  6. Japan is off-white like Belgium and Canada. The real haoles begin in Aachen.

  7. That's not quite accurate either. They made some immediate, emergency changes to their laws, in sharp contrast to the standard practices and existing laws, in order to change the way this went down.

  8. So it's legal but shady and potentially damaging for faith in Switzerland's banking system.

  9. Here it goes again. Keep on trucking, 2020s.

  10. Anything after ‘19 is non-canon

  11. Honestly, just get rid of it. I’m sure like 90% of the people in the rest of the world don’t even know it’s there.

  12. Nah, I think I am going to give it to China. The idea of a Chinese-influenced Muslim country is really cool. Think Korea or Japan but halal.

  13. Don't touch there. No one cares about there, people will only read about Europe/Japan. Maybe you can create some barbaric races from there, but that's it.

  14. And the best thing about Europe and Japan (well originally China) is that it’s pretty easy to create new countries by copying and pasting. Change the language of China, add some extra characters, and you got Japan. Change the language again and you get northern Vietnam. Change the language and the writing system and you get Korea. Keep much of the language but add a completely different writing system and a lot of religion and you get Tibet.

  15. 0 IQ: China, Korea, and Japan are the same.

  16. Do you mean the genocide or the other stuff china is doing?

  17. Cultural genocide of Uyghurs that is possibly spreading to Tibet

  18. Robo-taxis in the American West (and parts of China) is #1.

  19. Can anybody from france tell me, what the reasoning behind the reform even is. I'm german and we've had this happen to us as well. Our system is a redistribution and because of demographic changes with now many more old people with fewer young people earning the retirement money, it meant everybody would have less. So they changed the age for retirement to include less people and therefore keep the retirement-money somehwat level for all current retirees.

  20. And idk if this is just media sensationalism, but iirc there are serious supply issues that limit how much you can make up the missing workforce through immigration (as well as possibly a scarcity of non-Europeans who are productive and educated enough to contribute and who don’t come from sketchy regimes, although that one in particular might be racist hysteria).

  21. Well I don’t really know to much besides the Italian ancestry so I was expecting to see that. But really other than that I don’t know to much. I’m trying to get my mom and dad to do this as well.

  22. So you only know that you’re Black and Italian? Scandinavian is interesting and rare.

  23. Mixed Afrikaner (idk why they don’t highlight Southern Africa even though they have two Bantu regions) or light skinned Cape Coloured?

  24. The death toll from natural disasters is already higher this year.

  25. Ach, I quit the Catholic church altogether. What happened in Ireland in Tuam and in Italy and Argentina at the Provolo institutes was like, that's it, I don't want to be associated with this church anymore.

  26. Religion may be a natural outgrowth of humanity, but like many other things it’s very often used to abuse.

  27. That sounds perfect, but i suppose even with Buddhism, you get extremists

  28. That’s mostly in Asian Buddhism. The biggest problem with Western Buddhism IMO is nirvana; “you can escape the biological life cycle if you do X, Y, and Z.” Unproven.

  29. This is honestly an incredibly intriguing scenario and I’d love to see more of it!

  30. I might play around with it again

  31. I don’t mind living in some Chechen’s overactive imagination. It’s warm at least

  32. Setting: Pseudo-1950s with a few human and robot immigrants from the 2020s onward as well as Internet access in libraries only

  33. I love using transformers as a way to help ease the tension. That’s very good

  34. 2020s tech in 1950s suburbia? Alien invasion, burn it and the “humans” it came with.

  35. I don’t know. Look at the map though.

  36. Robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, etc.

  37. Death Letter Blues begins spontaneously playing

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