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  1. Communication and honesty. My boyfriend and I rarely fight because we’re both entirely upfront about our thoughts, opinions, and feelings. If we disagree on something, we discuss it like adults. No yelling, no personal attacks, just talking. We have unwavering trust/faith in one another as a result. I value this quality in our relationship so, so much.

  2. "I value this quality in our relationship so, so much. Hold on a second, I'm getting a phone call. Hello? No, who is this? And why are you using my boyfriend's phone? Bitch, he doesn't have a sister! His what? Cousin? You just said sister. You just said sister, I heard you. You're gonna call me a liar? Wait till I get my hands on him. Is he there? He's in the shower? Put him on. Put him on right now! Don't hang up, bitch! Sorry about that, folks. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding."

  3. No, I substituted "beast" for "white". It's known that the novel "Planet of the Apes" (1963) by Pierre Boulle was a commentary on race relations. It would seem logical to me that it was Boulle that substituted "white" for "beast" to avoid the censors of the time. This video describes the process:

  4. In honor to you, I'll pay more attention to other's usernames from now own :D

  5. I.... guess you got your residency just like you wanted, just in a different way.

  6. Not to worry, you will find her again later on, like in the movie "When Harry Met Sally". Just remember to name your kid after me.

  7. I was thinking of having sex with you but now you can just forget it.

  8. He got away with murder....or did he? He still has to walk the streets. And as any American can tell you, the streets are not safe.

  9. Whether people agree with the verdict or not, he needs to be allowed to live his life. Otherwise, what's the point of due process?

  10. Fuck that. Let him stew in his own racist juices for the rest of his life.

  11. On Ceti Alpha 5 sipping G and T's and watching the Majorcan ladies play water sports with their big hekmas. Oh fluck yeah!


  13. Lady on our street is about 90 and she had undiagnosed twins. When my wife was pregnant she said to her 'make sure you have plenty of baby clothes ready just in case it's twins'.

  14. "undiagnosed twins" LOL! Makes them sound like a tumor or some other disease

  15. Yea dat's the spot, try dere chorizo tacos

  16. Stores should have holographic representations of merchandise. Nothing in the store is real until you pay for it.

  17. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark....there it are!

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