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Disturbance at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

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  1. Were you anywhere near D.C. 20 years ago?

  2. I remember watching both of these and often being confused because I mixed the two up.

  3. Tritanopia looks crazy as fuck imagine eating a fucking bubblegum pink tomato lol, i mean its sucks to be colorblind but everything would look a little more.... colorful lol

  4. Yeah but imagine to them that that is actually yellow. Whenever you see yellow, they see pink. But your teacher taught you both that it was yellow . So you both see two completely different colors but call them both yellow. I have Deuteranopia (red/green colorblindness) so I've thought about this kind of stuff a lot haha.

  5. bullet and it has been fired, you can see rifling on it.

  6. If you think monkeypox is a threat I highly urge you to go research it. It's barely a threat for a small percentage of the population.

  7. “I am Brick Tamland. People seem to like me because I am polite, and I’m rarely late. I like to eat ice cream, and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me I have an IQ of 48, and I’m what some people call, ‘mentally retarded’.”

  8. You are probably one of the clearest textbook examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect I’ve ever witnessed. Holy fuck are you pathetic.

  9. You literally just typed paragraphs about how we are a democratic, majority rules society and I'm the one who thinks I'm smarter than I am? You are beyond crazy dude

  10. I mean Amber Heard just said a whole bunch of stuff so, you know, maybe just wait a minute and see how the rest of the case unfolds.

  11. My son is 11 and he loves to see titties. He sees titties every time one of our female friends breastfeeds their kid.

  12. I've seriously getting a Zero duelsport electric bike. I can use solar to recharge it and it's virtually didn't. Would be great for sprinting out and getting stuff/scavenging post doodoo in fan.

  13. Can someone build me an actual villain using ONLY these parts? You can scale them as you need. Winner gets a prize

  14. If no one else is interested I'll take credit for it. Should be a good line on my resume right after Time magazine person of the year.

  15. Hey man any plans to get your rocket back? You know, the rocket that belongs to you and crashed on the moon?

  16. If you don't understand that this is satire you don't belong here

  17. It’s only 16.5h from MAINE to Georgia. Virginia and Georgia borders are only like 250 miles apart, no shot that took 16 hours

  18. Sorry my exact concept of time wasn't perfect when I was a 9 year old playing Gameboy in a car for double digit hours on a road trip lol.

  19. I'm mexican and I can tell you probably most mexicans aren't offended by this place, I actually want to visit it.

  20. I always remember seeing Hispanic people there. Not sure what exact race/country, but it never seemed like an issue. Just like most Native Americans had zero issues with the Redskins football team. I'd imagine if I went to another country and there was an American themed place with heavyset people in overalls shooting shotguns and drinking beer with US flags and burgers everywhere I'd be like "Oh this is awesome, they have cowboy hats and coney dogs." Especially if people were there having fun

  21. You still get chewed on and end up in the hospital with stitches. You're best bet is a short run to climb something the dog can't, then take the taser to the balls. /s

  22. Hahaha your best bet is to not do something to get the dog released on you

  23. I have a sparrow, and have no complaints. I love Dead Air though. Im sure the Mask is comparable. It's just .22

  24. Definitely former military. You can tell by his memorial bracelet on his right wrist.

  25. A ton of cops wear those too. Not saying he isn't, but it's not strictly Military. I have one as well

  26. Thanks for the info, I didn’t know LEO’s wore those as well. Also, thanks for what you do as an LEO man! You guys do NOT get enough credit for the shit you deal with on the daily. Seriously, thank you brother.

  27. To be fair they probably did start with the military. Thanks man, I really appreciate that. Most of us are just average people trying to do right

  28. Growing up I was so poor that we couldn't afford to go to the movies. Obviously this was a huge problem when Morbius came out. My dad decided to make it at home though. One night he bit my mom in the neck and sucked her blood out in front of us. He looked at us, smiled, and said "It's Morbin' time!" So great.

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