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I made a fake progress bar to shut up clients complaining about my app "freezing" whenever it had to make a call to their slow API

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  1. I’ll come back to HS when original Yogg-Saron is back. This was the most fun I had with the game.

  2. Elden Ring is just what Breath of the Wild should have been all along—an Open World that contains the core dungeons and other surprises.

  3. My biggest complaint about BotW is no dungeons. If they bring back dungeons and key items, I'll be a happy nerd.

  4. Yes. I get that like, they wanted to give you the tools you needed at the start, so the sandbox would be wide open for experimentation. Having all of the Shieka slate stuff was great from the jump.

  5. Not Bungie at all. If you bought Skyrim and all expansions on Xbox, and then wanted to play on Steam—Valve isn’t gonna let you play on their system without rebuying everything.

  6. Im not super into the lore of AoS, I got introduced to Warhammer via Total War: Warhammer 2, so I’m stoked for Warhammer: The Old World tbh since that will be close to WH2s setting and factions (I love Tomb Kings….Ossiarch Bonereapers are too close to Necrons, IMHO).

  7. D&D is collaborative storytelling between the DM and all of the players together. A major red flag to hear: “I can do what I want”, not just in the game but as a friend/person you hang out with as well.

  8. I don’t think they mentioned the champion mods for next season, other than the Unstoppable Glaive.

  9. Destiny has never been a solo game. Ever. You can do a lot on your own, but the best portions of the game, the raid and dungeons, require fireteams.

  10. I’m with you on this. People are pissed SOLEY because something is being taken away.

  11. I'm pissed because it adds to the armor mod clutter.

  12. For now. Imho, ammo Finder shouldn’t be a mod at all. Bungie should just increase ammo finding by default. Without it, you are at a huge disadvantage and with it, it’s an afterthought everyone just uses basically innately.

  13. There is a new flu shot every year. They are already considering combine a Covid vax with the flu vaccine and making it annual.

  14. When the virus is mild enough that it becomes like the flu. You don’t have to get the flu vaccine every year.

  15. You can do a lot of stuff including an entire raid and dungeon, all for free. The Forsaken campaign is also temporarily free. So, anyone here telling it isn’t worth it, is wrong.

  16. All modern games these days have big day 1 patches. The game has to go gold so they can get that 1.0 build certified by Microsoft/Sony, then they need to get it on discs so they can prepare distribution.

  17. If you think Crow is boring, you are only taking his story at surface value, and not considering the large implications.

  18. I’m surprised after almost a decade, Bungie has never learned the absolute basic community relations 101, in that IF you take something away, something that’s very loved by the community, you provide the FULL PICTURE of what will replace the thing being removed.

  19. It isn’t. Reddit is either the worst scenario possible, or the the best scenario possible. The people never having sex/haha it’s my hand people will get upvotes, and the people saying they bang 7 time a day will get upvotes.

  20. There supposedly a scorn themed wave mode coming in witches queen

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