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  2. Tell your friend to pick one to four champions in two roles and play only them.If you just want to have fun - having a large pool of champions is nice, but If you want to climb - you have to master a few champions and just play them non-stop.

  3. Thanks, but I'm not sure that we're willing to spend hours just to learn another lane again. We want to have fun, not grind. Thanks though

  4. Enter the mode. Next, in the top left corner there is a Theatre Promotion Board. Click it. Choose Exploring in bottom right. Than comes the hardest part. READ IT.

  5. I hate Nina with a passion. But I can't deny, Nina is superior over Any other female character in fighting games

  6. Wow really nina?? That's ur most superior fighting game girl? Yeesh

  7. We all have a love hate relationship with our families and occasionally someone gets thrown into a volcano

  8. Building a robot for dummies

  9. I think that may be because of the pronunciations. If you put pressure on certain Malay words, it can almost sound like Indonesian.

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