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  1. Ill totally send you a picture when i get the chance.


  3. I wanted to add a little detail to the piece! The stars are made of a unicorn and forest fabric. The backing is this really plush fabric that reminded me of mechanical ship gears.

  4. That is simply stunning. The Dream King himself would be proud to wrap himself in that.

  5. 100% it was a 10th anniversary gift. The receiver is an author herself and a big fan. This will see many pages in it's lifetime I am sure which brings me great joy <3

  6. My mind is blown that is so unique and cool! Love the book as well. Is it extra thick? It looks like a comforter

  7. The backing fabric was very lush and plush! Could def be used as a comforter but I tested it for couch cuddles lol

  8. Just came here to pile on that you are stunning. I am so proud of you for coming out! You look androgynous as heck. I agree with the eyebrow statements above but women and enbys can have facial hair too! So if that makes you comfortable don't change a darn thing.

  9. I'm kinda torn on this. I actually love the idea of 2D Con hosting a board game spinoff. But I do not think a waterpark is a good place for it. At best you are hosting at a place with extra amenities that aren't needed (and are baked somewhere into the cost). At worst you are luring in a bunch of families with kids and the majority of the people who bought tickets for this event are lukewarm on the idea of playing board games (little kids are hard to wrangle, and parents maybe are exhausted from watching the kids). In the middle you have some pseudo mix of the two where a lot of people want to play games but another large group just isn't focused or into sitting down for so long to play them. I would imagine a lot of party type games being played with little love for the 2-4 hour games.

  10. Hey! 2D chairwoman here - this location was actually the cheapest for us to branch out this secondary event! When I mean cheapest I mean... our second runner up was 3x the venue cost. Which blew our mind because of the type of casual event it was going to be! I'm not sure if venues have higher prices right now to make up for covid but it surprised us!

  11. Wow this looks amazing. Do you have a recipe?

  12. Oh my goodness. I was going through the old posts and realized I never posted week 37. THEN i realized I didnt take a photo. Yall... i hope you accept this post sacrifice cuz life finally got in my way lol

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