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  1. Tua's gonna need another week in the protocol after that hit.

  2. Partridge was a great recruiter but left a lot to be desired in his DC role. There was a MASSIVE drop-off in scheme and production from Durkin to Partridge.

  3. I've seen rumors since before Christmas. Maybe they were just hopeful before the new year

  4. Corso gotta go man. He's a legend. Let him go with some dignity

  5. What are your thoughts, Ole Miss fans?

  6. Ahh I'm being pessimistic here but vandy threw for several hundred yards against us.

  7. I phrase it like, you wouldn't call Lincoln a Founding Father just because he was an extremely important President.

  8. This is the best metaphor for the situation that I have ever heard. Thank you.

  9. BREAKING NEWS: after that 3rd quarter the Big Ten has kicked Michigan out in disgust. Michigan to join the Big 12 in 2023

  10. Tcu won’t be able to hang in all game, talent will overcome

  11. Sorry guys, I turned it on and the first play I saw was that 60 yard run. I’ll turn this off and go play some Xbox

  12. I honestly didn't know you could review that, but seems fair to me.

  13. I’m not even gonna sit here and lie….this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of this bloke.

  14. Honestly this strategy could probably be successful for many programs. Ohio State spends a lot of time on QB recruits and whether we get them, lose them last minute, or they show up and transfer it tells me that many others would do the same. Only one can play at a time and they don't get cycled in through the game. After Stroud leaves whoever doesn't get win the starting job I would suspect would transfer. I wouldn't be surprised if RBs or talented OL or even defensive players do the same. CFB free agency may soon be as important as recruiting.

  15. Looks like it’s Santa Monica University or something

  16. Which league and conference is it under I can’t find it?

  17. Just type in Santa Monica in the search that's how I found it.

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