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  1. If a man calls you ugly he’s an asshole

  2. If a kid calls me ugly then their parents don't love them or are going to die leaving them in an orphanage.

  3. No more genetically improbable than Dwight's xmen fanfiction. Captain mutato fights crime like a man, makes love like a mermaid.

  4. Those are collectible action figures, and they're worth more than your car!

  5. I wasn't stressed because of work, I was stressed because of my commute.

  6. Commuting to NYC when you're not already in Manhattan is soul crushing, no matter how close to the island you are.

  7. You didn't root for Ruth? I always wanted her to come out on top.

  8. Jesus made a lot of money, don't kid yourself. Other people just got to use it.

  9. It pisses me off because he always had the option of not paying for the pizza. Like it would've been more inconvenient for Alfredo's and the kid to not be paid and have pizza no one wanted because it's a hot circle of garbage.

  10. What do you think the cook thinks when plating something like that?

  11. No. Not technically. The literal absolute opposite of technically.

  12. I'm a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and A Big Butt and my Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt

  13. We listen to music centuries before we were born. Of course!

  14. He's the one who played a huge part in making relationships transactional and more of a novelty. Jesus, what a disconnected twat.

  15. You either look like retired WNBA players or extras in a diabetes commercial. Either way I wouldn't loan you money.

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