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  1. Bin ich eigentlich der einzige der Airpods RICHTIG hässlich findet? Die Dinger sind so grottig desinged aber werden trotzdem von jedem gefeiert

  2. Denmark discussing buying and sending up to 80 tanks stored in Germany is not relevant? Strange since Zelenskyy confirmed this and said thank you.

  3. When Germany was „discussing“ sending Leopards there were 10 articles a day on

  4. I don't know why the ukranian government hasn't put a leash on Melnyk and his statements yet.

  5. It‘s not only Melynk, it‘s also other countries as well as the Anglosphere press running their anti Germany campaigns

  6. Poland did that, it snapped its fingers and 200 T-72's appeared in Ukraine in the next month......what is German excuse exactly what it couldnt? Why did Scholz refuse and refuse and refuse and resist for so long?

  7. Germany doesn‘t have a bunch of old soviet scrap metal laying around that it wants to get rid off lmao

  8. As if the fact that you're English puts any weight to your argument. Germans, Belgians and czechs will always be the best in that department (English beer sucks)

  9. He was talking about craft beer which isn‘t really a big thing in Germany, Belgium or Czechia because they prefer brewing real beers

  10. Don't all Trappist beers count as craft beer as well? Or have I misunderstood the term, because in my experience especially Belgium has the best of those

  11. Idk, is there an exact definition of craft beers? In my mind they mostly refer to beers from smaller breweries with a lot of different experimental ingredients to alter the flavour in contrast to „traditional“ beers that follow a standard recipe (in Germany‘s case the Reinheitsgebot law that‘s still in place from the middle ages). Most breweries in GER/BE/CZ are hundreds of years old so I wouldn‘t count them as craft beer which is a pretty modern movement

  12. However, when eurosceptics said they'd quite happily stay in the trade block part they were duly informed that "it isn't just a trade bloc anymore", followed with accusations of cherry picking.

  13. This is bullshit, if they wanted to remain in the trade block they could have joined EFTA. But then they would have to adhere to EU regulations and they didn‘t want that. They wanted free trade without following the regulations (i.e. cherry picking)

  14. Can we have a Brexit Megathread pinned on top of

  15. Idk applies to both sides I think. Pro-people are pretending there are literally no cons while Contra-people are pretending it's worse than things like coal.

  16. From what I‘ve seen from the contra side it‘s mostly about the insane cost (nuclear is 4-5x more expensive than renewables) and the storage issues. Have never seen someone argue in favor of coal over nuclear

  17. If you've never seen someone prefer coal over nuclear look at what's going on in Germany right now.

  18. Clearly you don‘t know what‘s going on in Germany lol

  19. I would just call it FUCK because if Europe federalises we are all fucked. Like seriously I used to be a federalist when I was younger and eventually the biggest thing to turn me against federal Europe was US elections. Like just try to imagine an election where some East European billionaire runs on an anti imigration platform against some French oligarch who only cares about his friends getting richer and we have to wait for some random province in Poland to finish their count to see which one of the two candidates wins.

  20. That‘s why the EU should adopt a system like Germany where the president/chancellor isn‘t very important. The US political system is totally fucked and should obviously not be copied

  21. To the borders of the Roman empire and beyond!

  22. Isn‘t the whole conservative platform nowadays reducing worker‘s rights and benefits?

  23. This is undoubtedly the least toxic community/fandom I am a part of. Hope it stays this way even when the show releases.

  24. Perhaps you should consider that people generally make fun of their own country in their native language so you just don‘t see when people make fun of their own country

  25. Irrational numbers means you always have to multiply length by something with infinite decimals meaning nothing can ever be precise. It's literally the same reason people hate the imperial system because there are 1760 yards in a mile instead of 1000 meters in a kilometer.

  26. The metric system is superior because of easy conversions. That also applies to the DIN A paper norm considering that the dimensions always stay the same between the different sizes

  27. Right, and root two aspect ratios means converting to different sizes is difficult because it means the lengths can never be whole numbers. This is not difficult to understand.

  28. What do you mean converting to different sizes? All A sizes have root 2 aspect ratio so you don‘t need to convert anything in the first place

  29. When are we going to see articles explaining why Germany is seeing a larger drop in living standards than the UK despite the IMF are projecting that German economy is going to grow while the UK economy is going to shrink.

  30. It's because they don't consider England as "exotic".

  31. American DNA test results: 75% English, 10% Canadian, 5% Mexican, 5% Polish, 2% Scottish, 2% German, 1% Irish

  32. Any American from New Jersey: can i offer you some gabagool from Baloney, my nonna made it🤌🤌🤌

  33. Yeah honestly I hope they delay the game till they implement land & ship sword combat. What’s the point of a pirate game if I ain’t crossing swords with other people?

  34. If they ever add this suit yourself because I‘ll be the one sinking your ship while you‘re busy swordfighting to take over someone else‘s ship lol

  35. Make the ships invulnerable while either boarding other ships or if you’re docked on land. It’s that simple.

  36. Yeah that‘s not gonna work because it would be incredibly easy to abuse to get out of fights or heal yourself to come back into a fight later lmao. There‘s no solution to this it sucks either way

  37. Really? Questioning America’s commitment to Article 5? Germany has been a huge ally in all of this, but I just can’t understand their line of thinking 90% of the time.

  38. Trump era left a huge mark on transatlantic relationships that isn‘t close to being repaired yet, especially in Germany

  39. The biggest reason we were out of the CL last season was due to Koeman's earlier matches and how he had the team playing.

  40. 21/22 Koeman got 6 points in the group, then got fired and Xavi got 1 point out of the remaining matches

  41. LOL Koeman lost to Bayern, lost to Benfica, then got 6 points against Dynamo Kyiv home and away 1-0. That left Xavi with 2 matches, Benfica which was his 2nd match in charge and he drew 0-0. Then of course, Bayern away. It's completely idiotic to blame that CL knockout on Xavi.

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