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  1. Is there something in the Quran about around the clock hijabs?

  2. This may be the first time I’ve heard someone suggest the rules of Islam only apply some of the time.

  3. Sin destroys. My sin, your sin, everybody's sin. It's not limited to gay people. Sin separates us from God. Separation form God brings bad things.

  4. This just means you’re a better person than your religion, whether you have accepted that yet or not.

  5. In the West? I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily dying, but it is currently in decline.

  6. Christianity early on was adopted by the most powerful human being on the planet at the time, and then he spread it throughout his conquests and made it the official religion of the largest empire on earth. The question isn’t how “could it spread”, it’s “how couldn’t it spread under those conditions”?

  7. “We must stop the kids from becoming empathetic and self reliant! Pray with us that our god of genocide and torture will save them from what he will to do them if they don’t worship him!!!”

  8. Adam and Eve are taken as literal by Catholics (CCC390) even is allegorized into the distant past. That's a billion followers that should in principle believe in the literal Adam and Eve.

  9. Most Catholics don’t believe it though, so perhaps the same is true with a large percentage of Muslims too.

  10. Another friend told me that in Wiccan, female witches perform "sex rituals" and apparently that drives certain dudes crazy... cause they need to be done multiple times a week if they worship Morgana. Otherwise they lose their powers or something.

  11. Oddly enough, Ragnar Lothrbrok comes out as an atheist in Vikings and makes a big mocking performative show of his former pagan beliefs as he’s trotted out before the English people before his execution.

  12. prices have changed for everyone else in the rest of the world. They only haven't changed in America for decades. This is stupid, because companies are acting like they've been charging 60 usd for the rest of the world, when it's been a while since that was the case

  13. If she is aware of how you are choosing to raise your children, she should know how much of a violation this is.

  14. Isn’t following Christ just emulating his example? Seems to me that you can 100% do that on a personal journey. But it may be that you just need to find some likeminded people to hang out with, that sense of community is a big part of why people stick to religion.

  15. Seems pretty reasonable to me. If someone wants to be a Christian then I see no reason why they can’t just cut out all the fat and just try emulate the guy they worship.

  16. As if I care that you don’t find me credible lol.

  17. You may not care what they think, but your comments speak for themselves.

  18. Unless of course the system in place dictates constant change in response to new understanding and observation.

  19. At this point in human history, I think we mostly have all the traditional deity-based religions we’re going to have, certainly all the monotheist ones. Imagining a god simply because you want there to be justice is just fanfic.

  20. There seems to be a concerted effort among left-leaning people to skew and formulate different ways Trump is still politically viable, and it’s been an ongoing effort now for two years.

  21. This more feels like a media narrative than reality. kinda like how media kept saying momentum was going republicans way before midterms.

  22. It doesn’t really matter who most Americans have heard of, what matters is who wins in a Republican primary.

  23. It’s going to get better. There are no magic words to force you through this process, it’s a process you need to…you know, process.

  24. From a religious perspective, or at least a Christian one since that was me once upon a time, atheists are basically the ultimate outsiders. They were in a different universe than me, and I had all the same opinions of them that many Christians today do (they’re angry, pretentious, etc). I often didn’t want to interact with atheists because I didn’t want anything threatening beliefs that I had been raised to rely upon so much, but in my teens I started to get over that pretty quickly and became friends with more and more atheists.

  25. When I was a devout Christian I was uncomfortable dealing with atheists. They seemed to be annoyingly confident. They swatted away many of my most deeply held beliefs as being too ridiculous to even consider.

  26. If churches thought painting atheists as outsiders who don’t play by the rules was not going to appeal to young people, they really should have ran it through a marketing department before proceeding.

  27. Your boyfriend needs to seek professional help ASAP, and you need to ensure that he is not exhibiting other troubling signs that you or others might be in danger.

  28. The largest terror threat in the United States overwhelmingly comes from Christians. Most crimes of terrorism here are committed by Christians.

  29. I'm glad they're focusing on this instead of cutting food stamps, giving tax cuts to the rich, and slashing core government services.

  30. No shit, them focusing on Hunter’s laptop is a win for America. Anything that keeps them away from making policy or regress is a win.

  31. That was certainly the case in California in 1967, but gun control absolutely was not started by Ronald Reagan. Gun control laws have been passed in states and confirmed by courts since the 1800’s.

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