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  1. Kyrie sacrificed himself for the good of Cam

  2. im stupid, i processed it as walker kessler for a solid minute before realizing

  3. Absolutely this…. Who else remembers that center for the heat last year that blew up for a good month or so and everyone thought he was going to end up getting minutes because of how good he was. I don’t even remember his damn name! He was absolutely nailing it, but as soon as The team got healthy. He stopped playing and stopped mattering and is completely irrelevant.

  4. damn... i just got PTSD from around two years ago when Fournier was having back spasms

  5. Use # 3 waiver for moritz Wagner? He’s been killing it lately

  6. My fvv and giddey for lauri and bol?

  7. Is there something going on with Myles Turner? He’s been pretty bad the last 4 games

  8. I've been offered Jalen Green for him - should I take it?

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