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  1. Venus' atmosphere is very dense, making landing easier but liftoff extremely problematic for engine designs and requiring huge amounts of fuel, and it's also highly corrosive, which makes going there outright suicide. No "expert" anywhere in the world is arguing for a manned mission to Venus at all, irrespective of any potential Mars mission.

  2. Read the article. They address this in the very first sentence.

  3. When the city "officials" decided all those years ago to stop funding the rail lines, we were doomed then. And then a new crop of city officials come into power and they get the metro lines planned/running and those "officials" did so without a route to LAX. We are still doomed (although I here LAWA has a plan.)

  4. There WILL be transport to LAX and it will be here soon. Also no one mentions it, but there a train to Burbank airport already.

  5. Also due to my dangerously negligent views on real science I caused production to be shutdown twice. I really hope she isn’t the next BP

  6. lol on Earth? I think the Japanese airports are some of the best I've been too. Easy to navigate, great food and beverage, and beautifully designed.

  7. Yes on earth. No other airport that gets you in and out as fast. Might not have the architecture of fancy Japanese airports, but it doesn’t need it if I don’t have time to admire it while I’m breezing through.

  8. Iran is such a dope country with a rich history. It sucks that people live under a medieval theocracy.

  9. If American hasn’t overthrown their legitimate government in the 50s, there wouldn’t be a reactionary Islamic Revolution later.

  10. Everyone's pretty aware of it already, so the real question is, who's gonna do anything about it?

  11. Bribe China to vote Russia out of the security council

  12. Funny seeing George call Maxwell “fruity”, when he literally co-wrote Octopus’s Garden

  13. It was to help Ringo, so a totally different story. Also Maxwell is a granny song whereas Octopus is a children’s song. Don’t really see how they are in the same category.

  14. While you’re right, most colleges schedule non-conference games years in advance and have in place termination fees to be paid out if the competition contract is terminated. UMass isn’t a big school in terms of following like Bama, Texas, Miami, Nebraska, etc… so the payout (for appearances and/or the termination) could put a dent in the budget of the football and athletic department for that year and possibly the next while they try to fill the vacancy left by Liberty.

  15. Umass doesn’t have a conference so literally every game is non-conference.

  16. Disagree, this forces Liberty to confront an issue they're uncomfortable with and will make news at their school, putting a spotlight on their policies and getting students to discuss, or better yet, question them.

  17. Yeah but playing in them in the first place makes them seem like a legitimate academic institution, which they are not.

  18. "this symbol ensures future generations of fathers can be heartless and absent while still.beating the children's mother"

  19. Considering his upbringing, he could have turned out a lot worse. By the way, he was very open about his mistakes and made a noticeable effort to change.

  20. She was not the main writer, but she helped and said it’s canon

  21. 2/3 of the US Senate is required to remove a judge. That’s never going to happen. Many Conservatives want this judge promoted to an appeals court!

  22. There have been like 10 judges impeached before, but yeah probably not happening with this senate

  23. Dude, he didn’t die. He got converted to spirit vapor and is waiting for the neo Buddhists to bring him back.

  24. Don’t think Palmdale and Lancaster or Pomona and Azusa would agree

  25. The overlap with the politically red and religious extremist areas of the country is…striking.

  26. The only ones that practice what they preach (no matter how bigoted) are the Mormons.

  27. Only an extremely slim majority, 53% I believe, of Puerto Ricans want statehood. For a sovereignty decision of that magnitude that number needs to get higher.

  28. I bet you’d get similar results if you polled Texas or Alabama. The fact of the matter is they NEED statehood just like Texas and Alabama, whether the like it or not.

  29. Unfortunately I also know people who are voting for him simply because he played on their favorite football team. I hope Warnock can get through to people, but in the south football is a religion, so I don't know how he could swing those voters.

  30. Those white Georgia fans were never gonna vote for Warnock anyway. He’s going for the Georgia State and Georgia Tech fans.

  31. You’d probably get pulled over and beaten up if you were non-white and tried to buy guns though

  32. The media is run by people with journalism and business degrees, not government and politics degrees. They’re non-experts making commentary on things they know nothing about. Have more historians, professors, and think tankers on instead of just the local peanut gallery.

  33. Much, though not all, of the time it's adults being afraid of what might happen if kids or teenagers are faced with morally challenging material, because they don't think young people have the agency to handle that.

  34. Florida is banning math books for being woke. I assure you there is no legitimate reason and it is all political.

  35. I guess, if this map was accurate, USA voted "no" because it would imply it would pay the largest share of the bill for the food.

  36. Well, we do have more than enough food in the world to feed every person, so I think shipping is a good solution

  37. Bernie said internally in a memo in April he hasn't ruled out running if Biden doesnt. Doesn't necessarily sound like he's completely committed.

  38. Not to mention all of the American Nazis we swept under the rug. America and England both had growing fascist movements in the 20s and 30s that would have kept growing if Germany and Italy hadn't beaten us to it.

  39. Now American Nazis are getting elected to office

  40. We sent some yeast-generated cream cheese to a relative as a gift, they couldn't tell the difference...

  41. Don’t forget the water usage too. Livestock are a huge reason for California’s drought.

  42. Maybe it’s just cause I’m hungry but it looks like some kind of pastry or cheesecake or something. Looks delicious

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