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Going to the beach sucks!

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  1. Eh già meglio tipo gli Stati Uniti dove dipendono dal loro pick up inutilmente enorme

  2. I believe interrail only sells paper tickets for this route, cool that they have a options to deliver it to your hostel now but i believe you can book the reservation via !obb

  3. I'm stupid, it says "First name or surname OR ..." sorry for the dumb post :').

  4. One year ago I had my first incident cycling after a car cut me off. I casually typed "Fuck cars" on reddit and found the sub.

  5. Non so di cosa stia parlando. Oggi ho fatto il test e un ragazzo è stato scartato perchè stava usando un pc fisso. Hanno detto che è la nuova regola e che il laptop è obbligatorio per fare il test.

  6. Yes they should. You should have to prove that you aren't an idiot to ride on the road, no matter what kind of vehicle you are using.

  7. Roads are for the people, not for the cars. If you want to, I suggest you to watch some of his videos, maybe you can think about it:

  8. Then "the people" can maintain those roads through tax dollars on your rent or mortgage rather than on car registration and gas taxes.

  9. A voi fa dividere il report del tolcs per genere? Vorrei mettere maschi per capire quanto potrebbe essere la media di chi si iscrive ad informatica, ma è oscurata la sezione del filtro per genere.

  10. Unfortunately Wayland on nvdia doesn't work well, don't use it with nvdia gpu.

  11. Ho scritto con un secondo account "È maggio e non mi è ancora scomparso il tanga" e bon bannato

  12. because it is a constant security issue, especially with how the average arch user uses it.

  13. It's just a "list" of software, like going online and compiling something. But better organised. Stupid users would install malware AUR or not AUR. Moreover, cases of malware in the aur are very rare.

  14. This was really helpful, I appreciate it! Will look up all the places you recommended :) I’ve already booked hostel one as I’ve heard good things about it. Was going to stay at Sir Toby’s at first but i’m glad I didn’t book there now that you say it sucked lmao.

  15. Hi, may I ask you where have you staied? I'm looking for an hostel in Prague, is Czech Inn good?

  16. I'm planning my trip in Europe (15 days). Any suggestion about hostels in Prague and Berlin?

  17. I talked about the absurdity of these vehicles one day in class, in particular because of a truck nearly this dimension is everyday in front of my school - I'm in Italy, they're starting spreading just in the last few years. I said that they're dangerous because they're as high as us and can easily kill a pedestrian, especially in a school lot during rush hour (unfortunately not regulated and full of cars).

  18. Yes I told them that, moreover: bus are (or at least should be) driven by professional drivers, while car license is basically given to everyone; bus are needed, these trucks are useless.

  19. Oh that's too bad... looks like they swiftly changed the rule :/

  20. Update: I booked this. If ICE is delay, there is another train at 19:30 from Zurich to Milan. I looked for "Berlin - Milan VIA Zurich" very simple and safe. Thanks for the advice, already booked Milan - Vienna (first day trip) couchette!

  21. Perfect ! 1h30 should be plenty of time

  22. I agree, but put sunscreen even when you're not going to the beach during summer.

  23. Motor vehicles is too generic. Does it count just cars? Or also scooter, motorbikes, bus and also truck?

  24. Ne vale la pena? Invece di fare dal 2 al 6 praga tipo dal 2 al 4 brno e dal 4 al 6 praga?

  25. SO. Non ci sono mai stato, e non sono un festaiolo, ma il Little Havana e' rinomato, ed e' uno di quesi posti in cui un tipo con una bandiera cubana passa il giorno a cercare di invitarti dentro. Quindi ti direi di orientarti su ostelly piu' "tradizionali". Conosco chi ha lavorato all Hostel Deco e posso dirti che non era male. Sicuramente le sere d'estate in centro c'e' casino, quindi se vuoi dormire forse ti conviene guardare oltre il parco/cerchia di viali :D

  26. Ciao! Scusami il disturbo. Sto un po' cambiando i piani, e su 4 giorni che starò a Cracovia (inclusi giorni di arrivo e di partenza) l'ultima sera l'ostello in cui ho prenotato (Mundo hostel) è pieno, ergo devo trovarne un altro.

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