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The Supreme Court just officially overturned roe vs wade. Abortion is now illegal in many states. Vote every single anti choice bastard out of office in November.

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  1. What is it with anime and depicting underage characters in sexual situations?

  2. A ruptured Fallopian tube is a life threatening medical emergency that causes internal bleeding. It can lead to shock and rapid, severe blood loss. This is horrifying.

  3. I had gastric surgery, and during the time of extremely rapid weight loss (which by the way was awesome) I did indeed lose about 50% of my hair. Like you I have very fine hair! But I did not let this bother me...I gave myself a buzz cut and wore a wig. There are REALLY good wigs out there.

  4. In about 18 years after getting fucked with no opportunity, the U.S. military will offer them the benefits, education, and resources they need, it’s a con, a long con to raise unwanted children into dead soldiers, least that’s my conspiracy theory

  5. It's a Homestuck reference. The troll characters in Homestuck have a caste system based on their blood color. The personalities on the chart correlate to the personalities of certain characters with that blood color. A character named Karkat hides his blood color because he's a mutant, so he's the "grey".

  6. I find that french-braiding my hair while I'm at home has given my hair a lot of wave!

  7. Well, guess it's time to talk to my doctor about sterilization. To all young women out there, consider not having sex with cis het men as your best weapon against this type of legislation

  8. I'll probably be having this conversation too. It's too risky now. I'm in a state where trigger laws are about to come into affect. I can't get an abortion if I need one, which means my life may well be on the line if I have a complicated pregnancy. So the best option as a fertile married woman is to remove the ability to get pregnant at all.

  9. I'd suggest investing in some good black basics and getting some fun but subtle accessories. Look for items with a black rose theme.

  10. I mostly go for budget drugstore makeup and I've had a lot of success with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. It's enough coverage to make me look polished and even out my skintone, but my natural tone and texture still shine through. It doesn't look like I'm wearing anything at all. It's comfortable and has an SPF too, which I love.

  11. I like to do oatmeal and lentils since you can flavor both in a wide variety of ways, they’re cheap, and you can enhance them with add-ins like fruit and vegetables. I’ve done Mexican lentils, Indian lentils, Asian lentils - they’re really versatile.

  12. I got a perfume sampler set for Christmas once a year or two ago and I was super excited to try all the fragrances! If used sparingly, the sampler sizes can last a long time as well. I still have several that I haven't used up yet. The sampler set I received also included a token that you could redeem for a full-sized bottle (which I happily did!)

  13. I have no idea who this man is but GHAT DAYUM he’s pretty!!

  14. My husband showed this to me last night and I had to come find the post so I could comment. The way she breaks off bread for her babies is the sweetest thing! It really melted my heart. She’s beautiful and the babies are too!

  15. I resonate with this. I've also had trouble with going over my limit. I was so disciplined for about a year and met my goal weight, but now I'm having trouble staying on track.

  16. Went to an acquaintance's wedding recently. He was a "wait til marriage" guy and was a virgin past 30. Which is fine, no judgment, but...

  17. You're probably not allergic to eyeshadow in general, but there might be an ingredient in your particular brand of eyeshadow that is bothering you. You might want to look into the ingredients and see if any of them are allergens. Then research brands that exclude those ingredients - or just look into hypoallergenic brands in general.

  18. This color is gorgeous! It makes me think of chewy grape candies or Jolly Ranchers. Scrumptious!

  19. You might want to try a tinted moisturizer and a concealer if you’re just looking for some light coverage. You can apply it with a makeup sponge for good, even layers. Just gently dab and blend with the sponge until it looks natural. Then finish it off with a translucent mineral powder applied with a fluffy brush to stop yourself from looking shiny.

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