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[Wojnarowski] Nets statement

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  1. Most people who don’t want to, don’t know that protesting works.

  2. I know it’s legal and all but kinda seem like that’s cheating since the ball never crossed the net in shots like that. Make the post outside of the entire court to prevent these kinda of angles shot underneath the net

  3. But the post is outside the court. It’s outside the singles court and in doubles it’s even further out to ensure it’s out of the doubles court

  4. I would rather die than start a company. It's pure greed.

  5. Like it or not you as an individual or you and your family are a form of company, you have to manage income, costs, risks and insurance etc.

  6. Lol, I love how genuine that last tweet was. Dude was clearly having the greatest time.

  7. I’m going through this subreddit in tears from laughing. This twitter debacle has made my month

  8. A bit overhyped in my opinion. Overall it was good but the lack of ending dampened my enthusiasm for it. “But there’s sequels” yeah but the sequel isn’t as good, and also I dislike novels that aren’t self contained.

  9. Take my upvote, I like it but ya the downvotes are rude

  10. Thanks I like it too but I think it has its flaws 🤷‍♂️

  11. I've seen the video many times and know it happened but can not help still feel like this is photoshopped on.

  12. What other to post in context of Ferrari? They are masterclass in clownery :6697:

  13. Jesus Christ, all that work and they didn't even cook the bacon properly.

  14. Crispy bacon sucks, but I agree in the sense that in an actual burger you need it a bit crispy so you can just bite through it

  15. i understand that entirely, strangers feel entitled to make remarks on anyone a lot of the time, regardless of height, weight, sometimes race or gender, i think it can help to be fast witted? make remarks back to them, enjoy and be funny with it and people dont feel compelled to point it out, i tend to lean on sarcasm, start screaming "someone has stolen my kneecaps!"

  16. It's a good series but only up the 5th book.

  17. Only up to the end of the 3rd for me. Wizard and Glass was a page turner but it felt devoid of substance

  18. I love RwR but Rama II is so so so SO bad. The RwR team come across like true astronauts. The Rama II team are psychotic children. Rama II will forever remain on my “abandoned” list.

  19. Not sure if we’re looking at the same watch but it literally says Wustmaster on it lmao

  20. Damn, this is exactly why it's good to ask others... Yes, I actually used to meditate a lot before my schedule went haywire. Now that you mention it, it might help set everything back in place if I make an intentional effort to set time aside in the evening after my day is over to meditate and make that clear split from the end of my work day and the beginning of decompression time. Thanks a lot, I know this should have been obvious but sometimes when I'm in the weeds of it I can forget the basics.

  21. The thing that sticks out to me is consistently not getting enough sleep. Absolutely going to lead to fatigue and burn-out. It takes me several hours between stopping work and being able to sleep. I suggest making it a priority to finish work by 7/8 so you can sleep by 10/11.

  22. The sun has gone down and the moon has come up…

  23. There's a lot of pedantic salt in this thread lmao

  24. Sure his boxing was great, but those words and that voice are transcendent

  25. It’s better for the environment bro it sucks up all the carbon and turns it into battery

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