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  1. Oh my bad - Well you’ve got evidence for the genetic distinctiveness of covid (far more then “people’s experiences”) and if you see the below, you’ll have your pictures too!

  2. A “heat map”? Absolute nonsense. It’s a false coloured image for contrast. Electron microscopes use electron beams to capture the image, so no colour information is available. The colours are applied later in post processing. Maybe you should better understand how the images are made in the first place, so you are not drawing conclusions based on a false knowledge?

  3. It is not going to happen. What you are describing is a decision that the ancients were obsessed with. It was 'original sin' and it asked the question of "Do we live as nomadic tribes and throw caution to the wind? Will the gods provide a meal for us tomorrow? is our carefree lifestyle really what is best for us when we know it will one day lead to famine and death? Should we turn our backs on the truth and pretend we are incapable of avoiding what is to come.... OR, should we found a city and begin sacrificing for the future? Should we look ahead to complex systems which will be capable for tackling those problems."

  4. You eat from the tree of knowledge and... hope you made the right decision. The history of mythology never fails to stun me.

  5. Is there an encyclopedia of sumerian myths? I want to dive into it but I have no idea where to start

  6. If there was it would probably be a million pages long. To this day they are still pulling tablets out of the dirt with pieces of their history scribed on it. I would say it is the mother of all rabbit holes.

  7. Sir, this is the conspiracy subreddit. Not the 'Truth' subreddit.

  8. I saw this video on youtube. Shortly after this, Ukraine killed a dragon.

  9. Hillariously, on September 11th, 2011, MSNBC reran their 2001 broadcast... and they edited the shit out of parts which were unfortunate to the narrative.

  10. It's true. Go find a copy of the second plane strike which does not have the banner slapped on the bottom.

  11. Instead of stripping rights, Washington should start respecting them. How many people in Buffalo returned fire?

  12. LOL, it's probably just a suburb in Canada after he wrecked the middle class.

  13. Communism on paper is amazing.. the sole error of Communism is human nature. Power changes people in which leads to Authoritarianism.

  14. Well said, and I would also like to add that after the transition to authoritarianism (despite attempts to prevent it)- Corruption appears.

  15. Look at China: Xi made himself the elite ruler for life. Look at Russia: Putin made himself the elite ruler for life.

  16. "We haven't decided yet. I mean it has to be a respiratory virus because it needs to be airborne but the problem my guys are having is finding one that is lethal enough to kill you bitches."

  17. Exactly what I remember except the news reports were all janky.

  18. There was an airliner right behind them that had taken off in the same direction and both pilots saw the missile intercept. They were directed to land immediately after the incident for fear that America was under attack and later interviewed by police. I wonder if we can still find their testimony on the way back machine.

  19. "For when you absolutely need to kill every mother fucker in the room."

  20. It's definitely deliberate. There's no doubt about it.

  21. Definitely. I've been saying this since 2020- this is the controlled demolition of America.

  22. Why spend time trying to make them readable when no one is going to count them anyway?

  23. Something you need to know about the cold war is that both the CIA and KGB were creating mountains of fake documents to get their opponents to believe that they had access to all kinds of crazy things like Pyschic powers and Alien technology and Time travel and stuff. History is littered with psyops like this.

  24. Might wanna put those language skills to use and actually read the article next time.

  25. The article names the former Trump advisor in question.

  26. Language is important. I will always bitch about language. =P

  27. I'm wondering if this is retaliation by the Oil & Gas Industry -- and a way to throw the Democrats out???

  28. No no no no no, I think gas rationing will start long before it gets to that point.

  29. It was always about the petrodollar. The list of oil rich (especially opec) nations that have attempted to buck the usd matches the list of terrorist states the USA has liberated, sanctioned to death, or fought a proxy war against.

  30. I searched through like fifteen responses to see if anyone got it right. You sir, have won the internet.

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