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  1. I would pay so much if that would mean I can play Skyrim as a cat

  2. Strays coming out, maybe you can satisfy that need somewhat when that comes out

  3. Lol in No Way Home there’s a little reference to Iron Boy Jr. i think it’s on a piece of newspaper or something

  4. Odd to think they have licences for stuff like buildings, but it exists.

  5. The entire fucking game. The devs are so goddamned out of touch that not only did I uninstall, I almost want to delete my Reddit account. Actually, I think I will. Fuck this game. I am 100% done.

  6. I'm pretty sure 80% of the sub don't have it anymore and just come here for the drama and seeing this game burn to death.

  7. If V still merged with him I think it would be very similar but different. It would be cool to see him turn into Vergil and then realize he’s killed Dante.

  8. Vergil would be a mix of elated and saddened by that. I could see Nero with some sort of DT similar to his DMC4 one from wielding Sparda.

  9. YO! That would be dope as fuck. Now you got me thinking about stuff. It would be cool if there were somehow a story where Nero used both Yamato and DSS, but it wouldn’t really make sense but still!

  10. Yep. It's not even something to joke about.

  11. Figures, at least someone has the balls to say “I have nothing more entertaining to do than pseudo-criticize a game I don’t play”

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