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  1. Calm down mate, he's probably too young to understand scams but also old enough to follow tanmay

  2. Why tf do guys think having a meta title is DoPe? It makes no fucking sense and people either need to dive in the comments or watch the video to know the context.

  3. Log gussa kyu ho rahe hai bkl murga adhe se zada khate hi hoge

  4. So Killing isn't inhumane ? Chootiya hai kya lodu

  5. Killing an animal might be inhumane for some, but it must have a purpose.

  6. Ever wondered how well this song fits with hotel Transylvania's plot? Coz I do, every single damn day.

  7. Sahi baat hai, revenue to chahiye hi nhi saiman ko

  8. Shouldn't we atleast get an uncut version on patreon or reddit later? Like who tf enjoys iima on YouTube where every song will be censored for copyright's sake?

  9. I guess dude doesn't value his life much to light a 🚬 at a ⛽ station! He has REAL FRIENDS to put him in check to let him know what he's about to do is dumb as fuck and could've got them either burned or killed. So I respect them for doing this 👍!

  10. Mint leaf is cool. Little on the expensive side but you can expect good service from them.

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