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Kenyon Martin and Jeremy Lin

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  1. You are so very welcome!! It was obviously a trip well spent. Hoping all your future visits home will be just as cherished!

  2. Thanks for your insights. How long did you have to take shots and was there an end date or do you still have to take them?

  3. So it was like 10 months of weekly, then 2 of biweekly. Now I’ve been getting them monthly for a bit over a year.

  4. Do you know if you can self inject? I've been wanting to do allergy shots but I really don't want to have to schlep to the doctor so much.

  5. I really do not think that is an option unfortunately. Your allergy “cocktails” are precisely created and measured depending on how far along you are. Mine are all administered by a nurse.

  6. No hard and fast rule. Usually someone would just call it. You would think after playing it so many times, people would kind of count and know which number/person was going to get stuck with the drinks, but no one ever really counted, and you only really knew you were screwed over until a couple "Thunder"s before haha.

  7. Are these like the display models they have at sporting / outdoor stores? Or can you buy them this size?

  8. Thanks, I saw that post just now. But I did also found

  9. If you didn’t see my edit, REI sold out actually, so that’s awesome you found that!

  10. Tiny Tents! We have two! :D Your kitty is adorable. They have gorgeous eyes!

  11. Thank you! Hah yes, I didn’t know I (cough I mean my cats) needed it until I got it!

  12. Ok your cat in its tiny tent is the cutest thing ever! 💕

  13. Right! I'm sure some people will say "well maybe the intent was to inspire others to do the same thing," but the cynic in me definitely feels like it's more "I need to make sure everyone knows what a good thing I did."

  14. In my opinion, there are different positives and negatives going of what's going on here:

  15. It will remove itself. Id say just enjoy it, you’ll know when its time. But thats just one womans vote!

  16. Gotcha. Just most similar posts about all white leaves said remove it, but since this one has a littttttle green, I wasn't sure if it was worth keeping. It is nice to look at though!

  17. This is going to be your own personal journey, and no one can give you an exact answer. That being said, some general advice:

  18. In other words, one is intelligent and kind, the other is an idiot. Must suck to realize one of your former childhood idols is a dickhead, and a dumb one at that.

  19. This happened like 5 years ago. Martin immediately reached out to Lin and apologized. The two talked about it and had a "great conversation" per Lin.

  20. I think a lot of people just come at it the wrong way and need some tips. It seems a lot worse than it is, because once you start doing better, you start doing a LOT better, due in part to the adrenaline system. And I can offer tips if you want.

  21. Yeah, my progression was exponential. Died a lot at the beginning. Got through the last biome and final boss in two runs.

  22. If you are still doing this, I would love to enter. I live in the UK and haven’t seen my family who live in Finland for two years now. Because of COVID but also simply haven’t been able to afford tickets. What a kind soul you are! So happy to see so many people get to see their loved ones.

  23. I’d like to take the train with my daughter from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon and back to spend part of Chanukah with my brother who we haven’t seen since 2014. I have not had the funds to make the trip and I don’t drive and I would love to be able to see my brother and my daughter to see her uncle for the first time in almost 10 years.

  24. I'm about the same age as you (been wondering if it's somewhat age related). Boxing isn't really my thing but I have a buddy who has been trying to get me to go to his kettle bell workout. He goes to support his friends class once per week, runs his own the other day - maybe I should mix in twice a week with him. Boxing sounds really fun too though, kudos for that girl.

  25. As far as age goes, your basal metabolic rate (calories you burn just from being alive, absolutely sedentary), will go down as you get older. The only way to counteract this is to eat less/exercise more as you get older. See the problem here? People tend to do the opposite (eat more/exercise less) as they get older.

  26. I am so on board, but the 'press crumbled tofu into a ball that will stay together" seems like a fantasy to me?

  27. The bread crumbs will help them stay together. You do need to really press. They will still be fragile, so be careful when coating in corn starch, milk, and more breadcrumbs. They will hold their shape much better after baking.

  28. They are sooo good! My partner also approves and is already asking for more! I didn’t have any garlic powder or parsley, so I added a bit of paprika and turmeric instead. Next time I will def try to get the parsley for a nice green contrast!

  29. Didn't know tofu had bones

  30. Lol, yes, obviously tofu doesn't have bones or wings. I think you'll find in the vegetarian nomenclature of dishes trying to replicate their meat counterparts, they "borrow" the name of the dish and slap vegetarian in front of it.

  31. Looks delicious. Only problem I see is I can't seem to find the recipe. 😉

  32. It's the first thing I've tried making from scratch. If you make it, let me know if you have any suggestions! I think it turned out great.

  33. This looks amazing!! Do you think canned beets would work instead of fresh boiled?

  34. As long as the beets are nice and soft and can be incorporated into the dough, I don't see why not!

  35. Awesome, thank you! I'll try it this weekend and I'll report back, if you're interested to know 😁

  36. I read this as "beef pasta" at first and though it was just strands of raw beef. It looks very good once I read it right.

  37. Must try your recipe, to see what its like. I remember having beet flavored coleslaw, at my friends that was great.

  38. Tbh, the beet flavor is there in the pasta, but it is very subtle. If you use a more flavorful sauce, you probably wouldn't even notice it. You could always add more beets if you are deliberately trying to get more of that beet flavor!

  39. Wouldn't it just be a small participant contingent from Hogwarts, just like how Beaux-bottoms and Dumb-strong brought a contingent to Hogwarts in the HP story? I mean it is a sizeable group, no doubt, but whole schools do not travel, is my point. And there ought to be some leeway in studies for the students participating in the freaking Triwizard, I'm sure.

  40. I think they just mean who teaches the small contingent that go to the tournament with Dumbledore? Maybe I'm misremembering, but I thought Madame Maxime taught her students while they were at Hogwarts.

  41. If you liked 3 or 4, definitely. It’s the same game just a lot better. Story is still A+ and the gameplay is as tight as ever.

  42. Would it be better to play the earlier ones first or can you just jump right into 5?

  43. gk99 says:

    I would argue going 3=>4=>5 is a good idea just because of how the gameplay progresses. 3 was the first ever game in the style, so it requires you to level up to get things like faster crouch movement, whereas they just give you it at the beginning of 5 (potentially because you're a police officer and should already have combat training). 3 requires you to watch an animation every time you harvest a plant, 4 gives the option to disable it, 5 outright removes it.

  44. Very informative, thanks! I think I’ll give 3 a try first, will look into the season pass

  45. Honestly, this man should never have to buy his own beer ever again.

  46. I was at the game tonight and saw him throw the first pitch. He got a very warm welcome, very nice to see him recognized!

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